When you grow up there are so many things you wish you could have told your younger self , there are also things you may regret or wish you didn’t do like getting that tattoo or get in to debt for shoes! I know I have a few regrets from my younger days ! Here are just a few things that people wish they could tell their younger self – 

Don’t sweat the small stuff 

I used to do this a lot I would stress and over think over the smallest things. I now look back at these and laugh ! As they were so trivial and insignificant to life , I wonder why I used to spend all that time thinking about it when now I wouldn’t bat an eyelid but I think these things calm down with age.

Don’t get in to debt 

This is one thing I wish I hadn’t done as a young adult. You think you just need that new dress or pair of shoes and whack it on the credit card. You keep doing this until things spiral out of control ! This then goes on to affect you in your older adult life when it comes to getting a mortgage for example or having credit checks to rent a house.

Don’t get that tattoo if your not sure 

I know so many friends who have got a tattoo with someone name they were seeing or something they were in to at the time and regretted it so much. I never took the plunge with a tattoo I was always too scared! Luckily now there are some amazing laser tattoo removal clinics around to help with this.

Follow your dreams 

This is one of many people’s main regrets in life , that they didn’t follow their dreams and just go for it. That dream holiday travelling the world or setting up your own business. I would now say to my younger self to just go for it ! I massively regret not travelling more,but I haven’t let go of my dream and plan to do so when the little ones are grown up.

Don’t follow the crowd 

I admit when I was younger and at school I was a bit of a sheep and I would follow the crowd and not want to stand out or be different. These days I’m the complete opposite and like to be my own person and different. It is something I always try to instill in to the little ones too – just be you !

What would you tell your younger self ?

*Collaborative post

Thoughts, Comments?

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