If you’re tired of your nine to five job and want more freedom, both personally and financially, then you might want to think about freelancing. Becoming a freelancer is a big step, as you will go from a steady income to something more uncertain, however, if you are good at what you do and you’re patient, you will reap the benefits in no time.  

Here are some freelancing ideas that will offer you some inspiration and lead you on the road to financial freedom.  


If you’re great with words or already work as an employed writer, you should definitely consider taking the freelance route. This could include blogging, content writing, social media content creation, proofreading and more. Whatever you choose, you can guarantee to receive a substantial income as long as you work hard at your craft. Freelance writing is also great for students who are looking to generate income while studying. To begin your career as a freelancer, you should start up your own blog featuring topic-specific content and share it on social media platforms to generate responses and create a strong foundation.  You may need a copy editor to help you with this, it’s a great way of having that second pair of eyes and ensuring all is perfect. 

Many writers are apprehensive about taking the freelance route, as they are so used to their regular income, however going it alone can actually help you profit and prosper, allowing you to save up and achieve your goals. For example, you may have always wanted to invest in property; you can make this possible with the aid of property experts like RW Invest who have helped plenty of self-employed individuals find success in the property market.  


Whether you’re a professional graphic designer or love to create artistic work in your spare time, you would be the perfect fit for freelancing. There are so many companies out there that are reluctant to hire an in-house designer, which is why they use sites like Fiverr, where they can find freelance artists to design their logos, website graphics, animations and more.  

If you already have the skills and are attuned to graphic design software, you will get a paid job in no time. If you have a basic knowledge of graphics it may be slightly harder, however, there are many courses you can go in which will ensure you come away with the skills and expertise of a professional graphic designer. All you need to achieve success is some great home design systems and an impressive portfolio which you can post on your LinkedIn profile or any freelancing websites, where some of the best employers find their talent.  


If you have experience teaching, whether that be in a school, a music shop or a theatre, you will have obtained particular expertise which will allow you to succeed as a freelance tutor. Although a tutor is usually associated with teaching young children Maths and English, there are actually many other ways that you can tutor, and you can even do it from the comfort of your own home. Many freelance tutors make at least £10 an hour when they first start, and this will increase once you’ve had more experience and make a name for yourself in the teaching world.  

At the moment, there is a lot of demand for online tutors who can teach English to children overseas, which can offer you very generous profits and saves you paying out money for a flight. If you’re an avid musician, you could also profit from teaching music via Skype, where you can charge per hour, and therefore making money doing what you love.  

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