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Blogging is everywhere. There are currently over 152 million blogs online. As you can imagine, this means that there are blogs about pretty much every subject that you can imagine. There are business blogs, and there are amateur blogs. If you are a blogger, you may be wondering how you can get yourself noticed when there are so many other blogs out there to compete with. 


In this article, we’ll share some great tips on how to improve your blog so that you get more visitors. 


Take To Social Media


If you want to spread the word about your blog, the best place to do this is on social media. Set up accounts on all of the major platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest and share all of your content to your social platforms. 


Focus your attention on building up a following on each of these different social media platforms. By doing this, you will have more people to share your blog posts with. 

Make sure that you have social sharing buttons clearly displayed on your blog. This will make it easier for your readers to share any posts that they have enjoyed. You should also do everything that you can to encourage people to share your posts too. 

Improve Your SEO Game

Search engine optimization, or SEO for short, is an important process that every blog owner should be aware of. SEO is the practice of improving a website’s performance in the search engine rankings. 

There are several strands to SEO. One of these is making sure that your site is optimized for mobile browsing. Because so much traffic comes from smartphones, it is essential that your site loads equally well on all devices. Most blog themes that are pre-made will be mobile-friendly, however, it is always important to check and to change your theme if it doesn’t work well on phones or tablets. 

Another strand of SEO that is essential is page load speeds. Run a check to find out how fast your website loads. If it is not fast enough, then Google and other search engines may penalize you and your site won’t be easy to find. Improve your loading speeds by compressing images and using a lazy load plugin

You should also make sure that you are using keywords within your content. By using a plugin such as Yoast, you’ll be able to manage your keywords easily. 

Finally, you should ensure each of your posts includes both an internal backlink as well as links to other relevant sites. 

Install A Live Chat Function 

One way of interacting more with visitors of your site might be to install a live chat operator for website. That way, you’ll be able to chat with visitors and get feedback on what they think of the site and work out what you can do more of. You could even install a chatroom that allows you to host events and meetings about your specific niche. 

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