It tis the highlight of the day for many people! You may have spent a lot of time preparing for an easy wedding where it seemed effortless throughout the day, but it’s the night do where people begin to cut loose. Planning a killer wedding do during the day is one thing but making sure that you ramp it up for the night is something else altogether! What can we do to ensure that the night do is the party to end all parties, but is still something that we will look back on with fondness?


The Right Entertainment

Sure, everybody thinks about getting a wedding band but the difference between a handful of amateurs that do covers and a group that makes a killing is all about the quality. There are plenty of seasoned wedding entertainers out there, but you might also want to think about setting the stage too. It’s not their responsibility to bring a light show or a smoke system. But there are companies like Astounded that can do this. You can visit here to see what they provide. If you like a touch of the theatrical, turning the stage area into a show to end all shows is crucial! So many evening dos feel like a logical extension of the day but with a few more lights thrown in for good measure. If you want to make it something atmospheric you’ve got to go one step further!

Don’t Forget The Pictures

Of course, you also need to make sure that you remember all the fun and exciting experiences of the night. That’s why you should arrange some photo opportunities. There are numerous paths to explore here. For instance, you might hire a photographer. Certain photographers have a unique style and will act as one of the guests while capturing moments in time you might have missed on film. Alternatively, you could consider a Magic Mirror hire. This is a fun photo booth that can be set up in a space at your wedding do. Guests will be able to go in through the night and take some fantastic selfies! 

Go Big Or Go Home!

While life-size board games are the norm at most weddings, they can certainly lift a flagging group of guests. You’ve got to remember that the evening do, when alcohol is flowing freely, their hunger will begin to creep up. If the weather is on your side, installing giant Connect Four as well as croquet sets are perfect distractions. And the fact of the matter is if you are still socialising, going from people to people having conversations, you need to make sure that people are having a good time. Naturally, the bigger the space you have, the better! But when people are hungry, or there’s a group of people that don’t necessarily know each other, playing a game becomes a perfect distraction!


Make The Entertainment Yourself!

For some people, this is not what the doctor ordered! But for those people who have a leaning towards the theatrical, why don’t you have a hand in the entertainment? It’s a perfect way to do things on the cheap. If you’ve got a bunch of friends that are creative or musical, asking everybody to do a song can make it seems like a somewhat haphazard evening but once the alcohol is flowing, people begin to loosen up and that great auntie you haven’t seen for a long time may very well want to get up and do a song next! When you begin to make the entertainment yourself and be the entertainment, this can save you money but also help you to create a feeling of togetherness. An evening do can seem like a very stilted affair, especially when people are hungry, but make it feel like a party with all of your loved ones in attendance. After all, you’re never going to have a party of this magnitude again! 

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