It seems like yesterday she was two and a half and toddling along up the hill in to nursery , so excited she would be gong with her big brother. I cannot believe we are approaching our last day. She is totally ready for this and is counting down the days to starting big school with her brother. She is amazing and there isn’t one ounce of nerves from her.

It’s just me who is feeling it , I know she will be fine and I have nothing to worry about. It’s just that heart wrenching feeling that this huge milestone is over for us. I will have both of our babies at big school.

And in a way it’s not the new milestones that have shaken me, it’s the goodbyes we have to say to nursery. This place has been a rock for us and we have been going since the early days Mum and baby/toddler playgroup so it has been a part of our lives for the best part of four years.

And I just want to say a massive thank you ….

To the nursery that has looked after my babies as if they were their own. Always been there for encouragement , to wipe away any tears and give them that all so needed cwtch when needed.

The nursery who has taught my baby so much academically and got her ready for big school but also taught her so much about life. About how butterfly’s develop , how to grow strawberries , how to plant flowers and so much more.

The nursery who has got her to try and eat new things that I never could at home , thank you !

To the nursery that’s helped her form some lovely friendships that she will now have for life.

To the nursery that has shaped her in to the beautiful , kind and caring little girl she is.

I know my days are never going to be the same again. She will be gone for six plus hours a day. She will learn mysterious phrases and attitudes that she never did at nursery. I will lose my baby that little more each day when she wont want to hold my hand or have me walk her to the gate.

But I also know she will learn so much and flourish over this next year. She will meet so many new friends and care for them in her oh so loving way. She will learn to read , to write in full sentences and experience so many new things and life lessons.

So on our last day I’m going to take it all in slowly. Watch her get dressed in to her nursery uniform one last time , toddle up that hill with her lunch bag one last time. Watch her run in to nursery as car free as always and the look of joy on her face when you sees her best friend.

Can’t wait to see explore this new chapter with you and see you shine.

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