There is a lot going on in a parent’s life, and chores and responsibilities can take a toll on you and your time. I know that I can get swept away in life as I do things to take care of Archie and Frankie, but it is so important to take that time to remember why I am doing it: family.

Sno matter how busy you get, it is always important to create moments of bonding all together as a family. At the end of the day, I think we can all agree that family is most important and you can make even the perceived ‘little things’ count if you do them with your loved ones.  

Here are some tips I have learned from family, friends, and ideas of my own little ones on how to bond together as a family:  

 Eat dinner all together 

At the end of the day, it can be all too easy to settle in the family room and dine in front of the television, etc. But we like to actively choose to eat dinner all together where our focus is on the food and each other. Dinner may not always last a long time.. as you can probably imagine with toddlers.. but we still like to make sure to make dinnertime, family time. 

Some of our favourite memories as a family have been conversations and giggles we have had at the dining table. Or perhaps create a tradition of going out to eat on a certain day or night to your local pub! Perhaps for a Sunday roast?  

Have movie nights 

A movie night is a special and fun way to spend a night in where everyone is relaxed and you can get cosy on the couch all together! Plus, if one member (or a couple) is tired and just needs to rest, you can still spend time together doing something that accommodates everyone’s energy levels. 

There are many ways you can go about this: you can let the kinds pick something, have fu preparing snacks and sometimes, movies can also open up the opportunity for interesting discussions. There are so many places to find great films to stream at home, like for example the platform that has a section entirely dedicated to family movies 

 Have game nights 

Card games, board games, hide and seek, and the list goes on. What is better than a game night at home with your family? You can make up a game or play a traditional one and put your focus on just enjoying time with your loved ones. 

 Do chores together 

Now this may not seem like something your kids may initially want to join in on, but with family, you can make anything fun or at least a team effort! If you set the intention that chores are something you tackle as a family, it gives you all a sense of accomplishment as a unit.    

 Go on trips (even short outings in a nearby town) 

Going on a trip is a wonderful way to explore somewhere together. It doesn’t even have to be extravagant either- you can simply pop over to a nearby town and explore somewhere new.

Gather your family together before heading out so you can make a game plan and learn what everyone is interested in seeing, or simply head out and see where the day takes you! Experiencing something new for everyone, as a family unit, will create memories that will last a lifetime.  

Cook/bake together 

There is just something about having fun and being in the kitchen! For many, it is considered the heart of the home after all. You can create a fun menu that everyone can pitch in and cook together to create, or bake cookies which something that children always enjoy, especially the decorating part 

 Start a hobby together 

Is there something that your kids have wanted to try and your whole family can get behind? If you start a hobby together as a family it shows your kids that you care and support what they are interested in. Plus, who knows what new talents you may discover? Some ideas to try are arts and crafts, cooking, and dream journaling!  

 What are some of your favourite activities you do with your children? 

*Written in collaboration with Mary Davis

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