October half term is approaching and then the Christmas period is upon us. With this, your children’s schedules will be changing, disrupting their routines with them not wanting to go to school. There is always a transitional period when your children go back to school and to help with this disruption I have put together a few tips to help with getting your children prepared to go back to school after their school holidays:

Get their school clothes ready the night before

A typical morning is a mad rush of getting yourself ready and getting the children prepared before taking them to school. Try and put as many steps in place to reduce this rush, one of those being to get their school clothes ready the night before. This way, they wake up and can start getting dressed instead of you rushing around trying to find their school jumper and trousers. With the new COVID guidance for schools, if your child wears a facemask, make sure you have that ready as well.

Stick to a bedtime routine

During the school holidays, your children can stay up as late as you feel fit as it’s down to you to decide. However, once the days of them returning to school approach, this is the time to start thinking about their bedtime routine. Start it a couple of days before school starts so that they have enough time to adjust to it.

Eat a healthy breakfast

As they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, which is true for adults and kids alike! During the half-term break, you will have probably treated them to different breakfasts such as chocolate cereal or toast, but now school is approaching its time to get them back to the old routine. A nutritious breakfast will not only help them concentrate better; it will provide them with good levels of energy and keep them alert throughout the day. Make sure you give them plenty of fruit to help them with their five a day.

Start getting them used to getting up early again

As school approaches, it’s worth getting your children used to their morning wake-up time. The first couple of days they will be a nightmare as they won’t enjoy getting up and ready for school, but they will slowly ease back into it. For your older children, you can teach them some responsibilities and ask them to start using an alarm for some independence.

Follow a lunch schedule

Most of us have a rough schedule of when we will be eating lunch on our days off and it is important your children get used to this outside school hours too. On a school day your children will have a set time they eat their lunch every day, so try and implement this on the days leading to school starting again. This will help get your child used to their lunchtime routine and help them feel less hungry during a school day as they will be used to eating at that time again.

What tips do you have when getting your children ready for school? Let me know in the comment box below.

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