There are many steps you can take towards a more sustainable lifestyle and this is something I have been pondering on for a while and wondering if it’s achievable for us. There are many ways this can be achieved some of which I will highlight in this post.

Electric cars 

This is one way that we can take steps towards a more sustainable living. There are now charging stations available out and about and you can even get your own charging stations. NewMotion charging station are available for residential areas and for business locations making it so convenient if you are ready to take the step to an electric car.

Enjoying nature and the simple life 

To a certain extent we are already doing this as we love the outdoors and exploring. You can achieve this by taking forest walks and nature trails. We also like to go up to the mountain and set up day camps and just explore the area with a picnic. The children get so much enrichment from it and really enjoy the outdoor education. I love how much the ankle biters know so much about nature and wildlife.

Recycling items you no longer need or buying items people no longer need 

We have regular clear outs of toys , clothes , furniture etc that we no longer use. We either go to the recycling centre or the charity shops. I also give things to friends and family to re-use. I’m a big fan of vintage items so love a good rummage in a charity shop or car boot sale. I love the idea of passing the little ones toys on to charity and teaching them that it is good to give them to other children who may love playing with them. At ages two and three we are already introducing the sustainable lifestyle to them.

*Collaborative post

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