We live up in the valleys and the weather is so cold during the winter months. We get a lot of snow too. As you are coming up the hill to our house the temperature noticeably drops. We live in quite a large house with very high ceilings so this doesn’t really help to keep the heat in.

As soon as we own the house we are going to need new central heating as the boiler we have now is on it’s way out and doesn’t have a thermostat which can be a pain at times. We need to start getting some quotes for a new central heating system.

We have learnt quite a few handy tips over the last few years to help keep the house cosy and warm – here are a few that worked –

Insulate the windows and doors properly 

This has really helped here we have got extra insulation around the doors and on the gaps at the bottom of the doors. There is no longer a cold draft coming in. We have also sealed all the cracks in the walls in the front and back porches this has made a big difference.

Have plenty fleece blankets 

We all have a large fleece blanket each in the lounge , just when we are siting around watching TV or drawing. They keep you so warm without having to put the heating on all the time. We also have them at the bottom of the beds for those nights when the temperature really drops.

Keep all the doors shut 

Keeping all the internal doors in the house closed really helps to keep the heat in and keep the room warmer for longer , I find as soon as the doors are left open the rooms lose all heat.

Have curtains up in each room 

These really help keep the heat in and make the room more cosy. Just having blinds on the widows do not keep the heat in as well. Invest in a heavy pair it really does make all the difference.

Keep the heating on timer 

This helps as the heating can be set to come on for the coldest times of day like the morning and evenings. This really helps to keep the house toasty and warm.

What tips do you have to keep the house warm in the colder months , I would love to hear them.

*Collaborative post

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