To my beautiful friend ,

I just need to remind you that you are enough ! Yes you !

When your newborn has had you up every hour and is feeding what seems like all day  – you don’t have time to shower , eat or do a food shop. So you order in and leave the washing up until tomorrow – just remember you are enough ! You are raising a tiny human and tending so beautifully to their every need.

When your toddler is having an almighty tantrum at the supermarket.  It feels like everyone is looking and you can feel the eyes burning in to the back of your head. You picture the head shakes and the tuts seem like drums banging in your ears. Just remember you are enough ! Your toddler having a tantrum doesn’t make you a bad mum or out of control – it’s not just your toddler who recreates a scene from the exorcist when you say no to a bag of choccy buttons-  they all do it ! You are enough !

When you think you are failing as a Mum because you threw some chicken nuggets in the oven tonight instead of cooking from scratch. Why? Because you are giving your all 24/7 and for one night you just want an easy time of it and not to battle over a piece of broccoli. Your child will be fed and is going to bed with a full tummy ! You are enough !

Your just not up for going out and facing it all today so you come back from the school run, chill, get under the duvet and watch films all day. The Mummy guilt kicks in – you start thinking you should have been doing the ironing , meal prepping or tidying ! But why ? Who says you have to ? You can’t run on empty and will be a happier Mumma for having that sofa day – you are enough !

You feel like you have lost your identity , your vision and you forget who you were pre motherhood. Don’t worry you will find it all again you are still that incredible woman. Raising a little one or multiple little ones is tough , you’re doing amazing and are settling in to your new role amazingly ! Yes it can be scary , daunting and you never know it you are doing it right – but you are , you’re doing it your way ! The best way – you are enough.

When you’re so tired your brain just can’t function and you are having 101 questions and demands fired at you before 7am. You snap , see their little face ,  burst in to tears , scoop them up and cuddle them so tight. The mamma guilt hits you like a ton of bricks , but you are human – you are enough.

None of us are perfect , we are human, we snap , we have meltdowns and we have flaws but amongst all of this we are always enough.


Another Mum that needs to be reminded of this.


Thoughts, Comments?

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