Before I had my babies I was a secondary teacher , head of sixth form and member of the senior leadership team. My career was my life and I worked hard to get in to the role I was in. I loved my job every bit of it , but as soon as I got pregnant with Archie I knew I wouldn’t be able to give the same dedication to my job and still give my whole life to teaching , as he would be my life and that’s where I wanted all of my focus to go. So I resigned from my job when I was pregnant and decided to be a stay at home Mum.

I have watched every moment of his development , I have been his first teacher and along with his Daddy taught him all he knows. I knew that the school days were going to creep up on us , but I never thought they would come around so quickly. Before I knew it I was buying little school trousers , plimsoles and backpacks. Honest that was just something in my eye when I was getting his feet measured in Clark’s , it wasn’t the tears I was so desperately trying to hold back stinging my eyes.

I have now handed over care of my bundle of joy for 6 hours a day , and that’s so hard for me.

To my son’s first teacher ,

Sorry if I come across over powering or as if I’m trying to tell you how to do your job , I’m honestly not. I just want everything perfect for my little boy and because he has now left my care for those 6 hours a day I can no longer control his happiness , development and well-being. That all falls in to your hands whilst he is at school.

I know you are taking good care of him ,  also catering for his every need. You have identified how clever he is and how much he likes being challenged and put plans in to action for that. You have created a safe and fun environment for him which he is utterly thriving in and thoroughly enjoying.

He runs in to school , tells me he loves his school and teachers and can’t wait to go to school the next day. I see him growing in confidence day by day. And that is thanks again to you.

Thank you for answering my 1017 questions when you have just walked through the door and have 1017 things to do yourself. Or when you are just about to leave to get home to your own family but stay and take a call from me and totally reassure and put my mind at ease.

Thank you for looking after him as if he is your own and showing so much empathy and love. Your encouragement and support is giving him the confidence to spread his wings and explore the world in every little detail around him.

I can see at end of the day how mentally and physically tired you are and imagine you can’t wait to sit down with a cuppa and chill out. I see it because I have been there , I have been that teacher not knowing how I’m going to get the energy to get through another day and do it all again tomorrow.

But you do and you do it with such a zest and passion that it drives my son to learn with fire in his belly. Taking on whatever new challenges he is given and succeeding. I thank you so much for this.

Again sorry for being that annoying , wanting to know every little detail Mum , the Mum full of questions , anxieties and worry. I know you have got this , I’m just new to being this side of the classroom and I’m also learning.

I’ll get there.

Thank you

Archie’s Mum

Thoughts, Comments?

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