If you are not blessed with acres of space in your home, you will no doubt be looking to store things in the most effective and accessible ways possible.

These ten ideas should give you food for thought

1 Furniture and storage integrated
Slowly designers are beginning to realise that we need to utilise a lot of the space currently wasted within key items of furniture in a room. From choosing a bed with underneath storage to a coffee table with accessible space within, choose items that offer you something more than just looking pretty.

2 Choose lighter coloured furniture too
Some pieces can feel imposing, an effect that is amplified in a small space. Keep the detail minimal and keep the colour light. Consider lighter, less dense materials too such as this practical but not-space-eating rattan storage rack.

3 Clever storage on wall space
Sometimes, adding too much clutter to a wall can close a space down. So instead of adding items all over the wall, group them together in one handy spot. The bathroom and the kitchen can often be lacking in terms of storage space and thus, hooks on walls and other wall-hanging accessories are ideal.

4 Face out clothing
Have you noticed how the wardrobe has your items on clothing should-side-out? Designers say this is wasting space and point to the fashion industry in support of their idea of ‘facing out’ clothing.
It can be done with short rods and hanging wire but instead of having clothes facing front their shoulder out, you stack clothing looking out into the room. Hence you will be looking straight on at your clothing. To be uber-organized, group like-minded items together – long sleeved tops together, shorts together, jumpers and cardigans together… you get the drift.

5 Fold the bed away
In super small spaces, take a note from an idea from the past in which, once you had risen from slumber you tuck the duvet in the bed and folded it back into the wall. You can buy the folding mechanisms and with a little bit of DIY, you can create your own folding bed, creating a complete wall of fitted furniture that offers great storage solutions too.

6 Double up on the furniture use
Really?! What is being suggested, do you think at the little over halfway point in the top 10 list of space saving tips? Instead of thinking in absolute terms – study at a desk, dine at a dining table and so on – opt for items of furniture that can have more than one use. In other words, use the desk when it needs to be used as a desk but when you host a dinner party for friends, it becomes the dining table. Choose a dining table with drawers so that is handy storage space for everything from cutlery on one side of the table to paperwork on the other.

7 Press and pull fitted furniture
They are a worthwhile investment and are hotly tipped as being the next big thing in terms of apartment storage solutions. Fitted furniture is one thing but what does it hide – not a kitchen possibly but this is what is being suggested with ‘press and pull’ fitted furniture.
When you need the kitchen, simply pull the drawer or press the handle and watch it unfold from a myriad of cupboards fitted on the wall. How chic!

8 Divide and conquer
Not just a battle cry but one for the open plan living apartment. Who says we need a separate room for the bed, that sits empty most of the time as we enjoy daylight hours in the lounge?
Saving space is about thinking outside the box and so utilise the whole space and when you need to space to become something else, simply move the divider and let the bed unfold from the wall.

9 Keep it minimal
Minimal means keep the eyeline uncluttered, the colours light and yet warm. Choose reflective materials that allow more light to be reflected around a space, opening up a smaller room and making it feel bigger. Don’t underestimate using glass in a small space for reflective properties and keep your storage solutions savvy and cutting edge.

10 Declutter 
And finally, there are just times when the solution to storage problems in a small space is that there is too much clutter. Living simply means not buying trinkets and toys that seemed like a good idea at the time but add nothing to the enjoyment of your living space.
What solutions do you have for saving space in a home?

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Thoughts, Comments?

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