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When you have children under 5, it can seem difficult at times to know how to keep them entertained. Throughout the summer, it’s easier to find activities that they will enjoy – especially when the weather is nice. But when Autumn and Christmas approaches, you might have to start looking for unique toys to keep them from getting bored.

And what’s better than a gift that not only they will love, but will keep their minds active! If you’re unsure as to where to start, here is a list of the top 5 creative toys for your little ones.

  1. Dolls House

Dolls houses have been a popular toy for children since their creation in the 16th Century. A perfect way to get their minds working, your little one can design the house how they want – filling it with any furniture and accessories they desire! With many companies still creating dolls houses (including Melody Jane Dolls Houses and Smyths Toys) there are lots of different types of houses to choose from – each varying in price, size and style. 

  1. Marble Run 

Whether you have a little girl or a little boy, they will love a marble run. Constructed with various curves, tubes and shoots, it will keep them entertained for hours! From the initial building of the marble run to dropping marbles down so that they snake through the shoots, this helter skelter is a unique toy that they will love to open on Christmas day. It’s also very robust – meaning that it’s suitable for children of all ages. Marbles will never go out of fashion and the release of different types of marble run each year showcases this.

  1. Playmobil – T-Rex with Base Camp

Does your little one love all things dinosaur-related? Then they will love this game. An easy to build toy, they will enjoy constructing this and playing with the different elements. Suitable for those aged 4 and over, they can spend endless hours creating an imaginary world. With 121 pieces, including an LED torch, trees, characters and of course, a T-Rex, it’s a unique toy that differs from anything else on the market.  

  1. Play-Doh – Kitchen Creations Ultimate Swirl Ice Cream Maker

Everyone loves play-doh. Created in the 1950’s it has been a staple in homes around the world for years. And this popularity is bound to continue, with the release of different variations of the toy each year. With this edition, children can create their own ‘ice cream’ with a colourful ice cream parlour. This toy is also affordable, making it the perfect gift for those on all budgets.

  1. Magformers Creator Set

The Magformers Creator Set is a click-together toy with 60 magnetic pieces. Once assembled, you can create fun, 3D structures. A wonderful toy to get the imagination going, your children will love to make trains, towers and more with this unique gift. 

Final Thoughts

So there you go! There are the top five creative toys for children under 5. With the uprise in technology, some children now prefer to watch TV or play on their iPads. But with so many great toys out there, it’s a shame not to persuade them to create their own marble run, decorate their own dolls house or make their own play-doh ice cream. Helping them to concentrate and expand their imagination, many benefits can be reaped from these types of extraordinary toys.

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