Getting a good night’s sleep when pregnant can seem impossible. With a kicking baby and an overactive bladder, getting more than a few hours is the best that many pregnant women can hope for. Sleep is essential to help your body withstand the demands of pregnancy.

Here are five tried and tested tips for getting a decent night’s sleep of when pregnant – 

1 – A bedtime routine
In a few months’ time you will have your bundle of joy and will want to get them into a bed time routine as soon as possible. Now is the time to practice what you preach! Enjoy a soak in a warm bath with some pregnancy friendly, lavender-scented bubble baths. Be careful with essential oils for two reasons: firstly they soak in through your skin and may not be suitable for baby and they can also make your bath very slippery which can be dangerous.

Enjoy a chapter or two of a book  in bed , this is what I did whilst pregnant I read so much. Before switching off and settling down for the night make one last trip to the bathroom so that you get as much sleep as possible before the next toilet visit. If you are concerned about leaks on the bedding protect your mattress with bed protection products that stop the mattress being spoiled.

2-  Get used to napping
You may think that by napping during the day you won’t sleep at night but actually this isn’t true.  By not napping when you are tired you are allowing yourself to become over tired and that means when you crawl into bed at night you are too agitated to fall to sleep quickly. The same can be true for babies and toddlers , I find that my two when over tired can be a nightmare to get to sleep.  A 20-minute ‘cat nap’ during the day is ideal for you getting your rest and for your body to be able to keep up with the demands of pregnancy.

3 – Exercise helps
This doesn’t mean you taking up a new exercise regime or breaking out in sweat just before bed but understanding how exercise contributes to your feeling of well-being. For example, exercise helps to produce good mood hormones that are essential for counteracting stress. When we feel stressed and agitated it takes a lot for our brains to close down and allow us to drift off into a good nights  sleep.

Pregnancy is all about balancing the need for rest and relaxation along with staying active. A brisk walk every day, a swim or even a light workout at the gym (always seek medical advice first) all contribute to us feeling great and sleeping better too.

4-  Remove the electronics
Admit it – you ARE connected to your phone and you miss it when it’s not in your hand! Your laptop and tablet are important too especially as this is how you stay in touch with family, friends and colleagues. But there is evidence to suggest that the blue tinged backlight of these gadgets may be responsible for keeping us awake at night. It stimulates the brain making it harder to switch off.
So, along with the TV, digital clocks and other digital gadgets, ban them from the bedroom and make it a place of peace and tranquillity.

5-  Get comfy
If ever there was an excuse to pile the bed high with cushions and extra pillows, pregnancy is it! Getting comfortable can be a major nightly concern for many pregnant women. With a growing bump, your back may be aching or your joints may be painful when you climb into bed.
Use small pillows to support the small of your back and consider investing in a long, pregnancy pillow that also supports you and your bump, great if you are a side sleeper.

Sleeping on your stomach is out of the question and so if this is your normal sleeping position, you will be looking to get comfortable in another position. Again cushions and pillows, including a V-shaped pillow are the tools that you need.

You may also find you become hot at night too. Turn down the heating and use layers of cotton sheets and duvets so that you have the option of snuggling down if you feel a bit chilly or folding back layers if you feel the temperature rising.  For many women late pregnancy is the time they find it difficult to get a good nights’ sleep.

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