The holiday season is a beautiful time, but can often bring a lot of hidden stresses with it, from emotional pressure to financial worries. 

I chatted with my friends at Vanquis bank and we’ve got 5 tips for you to help you save money and have a great festive season. 

Set yourself a festive season budget

Sit down and think about how much money you realistically have to spend during the festive season. Don’t forget to facto in your bills and expenses that month as well as gifts and occasions and events to attend. It’s more than worth the time spent putting it all down in a spreadsheet, not only for the peace of mind that it will give you but also the time it’ll save you!

Don’t be afraid to say no 

One of the biggest hidden costs in the holiday season can be social engagements. Get clear on the ones that you want to attend (or have to!) and ones that you can politely decline. When setting your budget for the festive season, take events and occasions into account as well. 

Shop smart 

It’s easy to leave your holiday shopping to the last minute and buy things quickly, this often means you don’t get the best deals possible. 

As much as you can, plan ahead and look for the best deals out there for your gifts. Price comparison sites can be a great resource during this time as well. It might take a little longer, but it’s worth making sure that you get the best deal possible. 

Make or create gifts 

You don’t always have to spend money to get people nice gifts, you can gift them services of yours if appropriate or even make them something! If you aren’t sure what you could make think about your own natural talents and abilities and how you can use them as a gift for someone. 

Give something up for charity

The holiday season is a great time to focus on helping others. Choose a charity that is meaningful for you and see how you can help raise some money for them! An easy way to do this is to give up something like alcohol for the month of December and give a portion of the money you would have spent to a chosen charity. 

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