Confidence is such an important trait to have mastered all the way through life. From making friends at school to going for a dream job interview or traveling the world on a gap year; it all stems back to being confident in yourself and your abilities.

For some children confidence comes naturally, they don’t question their place in the world and forge ahead quite happily without ever becoming anxious or worrying how others might see them which is fantastic for the children and assuring for the parents. Some children however may find it more difficult and need some help to build their confidence and parents can help in a number of ways.

King Edward’s Witley, a sixth form based in surrey have provided us with the following helpful advice for us to help our children find their self-assurance. Once their confidence improves and they learn to believe in themselves you will start to notice them excel in different aspects of their lives, whether academically or personally.

It is important to instil confidence in your children from a young age. Simple things such as letting them make their own decisions, take risks and solve problems will help them realise that they are more than capable of being responsible. We understand it may be difficult to take a step back but it can work wonders!

Sometimes the most intimidating thing about starting a new school, a new job role, travelling alone or trying out a new hobby or exercise class can be meeting new people. It can be an overwhelming experience especially if you haven’t been in this situation many times before. Try to introduce your children to new people that they do not know from a young age, sign them up for fun activity club or simply ask them to do the talking to the cashier when out shopping.

Although praise is vital it is also important to be selective with your compliments, if your children hear them too often they start to lose their meaning. Everyone needs to experience a failure to develop the courage to keep on trying and improve their resilience.

Above all, your child needs to know that they are loved, supported and respected 100% of the time.

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