Top Tips for Making the School Run Easier

Oversleeping, missing school uniform and last minute lunch prep – If you’re a parent, this manic school morning scene might sound familiar. It can feel like a losing battle trying to get your child ready for school on time. However, there are some changes you can make to your current routine to help make the school run (and your life) a little easier! Read on for some top tips from Manor House School

Keep to a sensible bed time

When your children are well rested they will wake up feeling more refreshed and happy, instead of tired and grumpy. Getting them to bed on time each evening will also help them to wake earlier in the mornings, giving you more time to get ready.

Prepare the night before

Try to prepare as much as you can each evening. This will really help to make your mornings feel more organised and less stressful. Lay out their uniform, prepare lunches and check they have everything they need in their school bag.

Get up before your children

Set your alarm to go off at least half an hour before your children get up. This will give you time to get ready and grab a cup of coffee before the chaos begins! You can also ensure that your child has their shoes, coat and bags ready by the door.

Use a reward chart

If your children need a little encouragement to get things done, you could try using a reward chart. Include ‘getting ready for school’ as one of the tasks on their chart and add a sticker when this has been achieved. Give them an incentive, such as a treat at the weekend if they hit their target by the end of the week.

Minimise distractions 

Television can be a major distraction for children when they are getting ready for school. The same goes for smartphones and tablets. The TV and other devices should not be switched on until your child is fully ready; this could be used as an incentive! – If there is enough time, allow your child five minutes of their favourite channel or game, once they have got themselves ready for school.

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