We all want our families to be as happy and healthy as possible but it’s not always easy all of the time to get that balance. The stress of work and being a parent can lead us to serve up ready meals instead of healthy dinners sometimes ,  rushing around instead of relaxing and taking it easy and we also start neglecting our own health as we put everyone before us.

Here are some simple tips for a happier , healthier family:

Work on Your Work-Life Balance

If you, your partner, or the both of you work it’s important for your health and the happiness of your family unit that you do what you can to rebalance your work-life balance in favour of your personal life. There is nothing that will promote health and happiness more than spending lots of high-quality, relaxed family time together. I know I always feel so much better when we have been for a nice family day out altogether and re connected as a family.

Take Care of Yourself

As a parent it’s all too easy to neglect your own needs in favour of your children’s. I do it all the time and need to practice what I preach. There is absolutely nothing wrong with scheduling a little me time to get a massage, go shopping or have a date night. It will make you a lot happier and you’ll feel so much better for it.

Take Care of Everyone’s Health

To maintain optimum health not only for yourself but the whole family it’s important to schedule regular appointments with doctors, dentists and opticians to keep on top of things. If you can afford it having private medical insurance will give you more peace of mind. It will also ensure that your family’s problems are attended to quickly instead of waiting for lengthy NHS appointments.

Spend Quality Time Together

You might spend a lot of time in the same physical space as your family but how much of that time is spent doing things together rather than all of you doing your own thing. If you aren’t spending time talking, playing and engaging in fun hobbies and activities together there is room for improvement and taking some time out to get together to have fun as a family each day. A walk to the park , a board game or just a play in the garden can sometimes be all you need.


At least some of that quality time should be spent playing football, going for a walk in the park or dancing if you want to increase not only happiness but the health of your family too. There are so many activities you can do together to get some exercise and make it fun.

*Collaborative post

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