When you’re pregnant especially if you’re a new Mum you’ll come across all kinds of advice and more than your fair share of product advertisements telling you that you simply MUST have this and that.  If you listen to them you’ll end up spending hundreds, even thousands of pounds on stuff you simply do not need. I learnt the hard way with Archie as bought so much and didn’t use it all.

Although having a new baby does mean you’ll need to buy a few things you probably don’t require nearly as much as you think you do. To help you out and to ensure you spend your money on the right baby items here are some of the most useful baby products to have to hand after giving birth:

A Quality Cot Mattress

Probably the most important item we bought for both babies. Having a high-quality cot mattress for your baby to sleep on will ensure not only that your little bundle of joy is as safe as he or she can be and therefore give you more peace of mind. It will also help your baby to get a better night’s sleep which will clearly benefit you too.

A quality cot mattress should ideally be one that fits the cot with no more than a four-centimetre gap at either side and it should come with a waterproof cover which is awesome as you can just wash down with soapy water.

A Moses Basket

A Moses basket is a very useful piece of equipment to have because it is so portable and very safe and comfy for the baby. It also means you can put the baby down to sleep wherever you are  so they are always close by. You can buy cheap Moses basket products from a range of retailers at very reasonable prices so it is worth considering getting one.

Stair Gates

You won’t need these immediately after giving birth for obvious reasons, but once your baby starts to move around more it’s pretty essential that you install stair gates.

Baby Changing Bag

You might think that you can save money by using any old bag to carry your changing equipment and although this is true baby changing bags really are easier. It’s worth paying more for a good baby changing bag simply because it has enough space and enough compartments for you to seriously organise your stuff when you’re planning a trip out with baby.

A Video Baby Monitor

Most new parents are extremely anxious about the safety and well-being of their babies which is why a video baby monitor really is useful. Not only does it allow you to hear your baby but you can also see them too which will stop you from running up and down the stairs every five minutes!

What are your most useful baby products to have on hand?

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