January is a notoriously difficult month for finances, so the thought of Valentine’s Day being just around the corner can feel a little daunting to say the least! Luckily there are ways of celebrating February 14th without breaking the bank and without making you look like a cheapskate. Your loved ones won’t want you to get into debt by buying an expensive gift, as after all, it is the thought that counts.

This article aims to highlight ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day without blowing your budget. However, If you have a large budget, for an unusual gift you could consider buying your loved one a personalised number plate from one of the options available at DVLA number plates. The gift of a personalised number plate will last many years.

A jar of promises
A jar full of promises is a lovely romantic gift that will last. If you create it yourself the gift is virtually free. The idea behind the gift is to write on a piece of paper something that you promise to do for your loved one. You can be as inventive as you like, but some examples could be to cook a meal, massage, spa session or even just write a verse or a few words on saying how much you love them. Repeat the process until the jar is full of promises. Add a pretty ribbon and it’s ready to go! The recipient then picks a different promise each day.

Cook a romantic meal
Stay in to dine rather than eat out and you will save lots of money in the process. Really pull out the stops to create a romantic atmosphere by making an effort with laying the table with flowers and lighting the room with candles. Don’t stress too much over slaving over a hot stove, the idea is for you to both enjoy the evening. Keep the menu simple or opt for a ready made meal from good old Marks and Spencers, where you can get wine, main, side and dessert for £10! If all else fails get a takeaway.

Eat out (for less)!
If you do your research there’s really no need to pay full price when eating out, particularly when eating at restaurant chains. There are plenty of voucher code websites online that list which restaurants have current money saving offers. If you wish to avoid restaurant chains for Valentine’s Day, you may find that local restaurants have offers on, or perhaps they have an early bird menu, which is usually cheaper. Keep an eye on local press and Facebook posts to know when and where the offers are.

Book a night away
This doesn’t sound cheap, but if you get a last minute deal you could save lots of money. There’s nothing to say that you can’t celebrate valentine’s day a couple of days before, or after  the actual date, as February 14th  will most likely attract premium hotel prices.

Buy flowers

Flowers are so expensive around valentine’s day, but there are ways of purchasing flowers at a lower cost by careful shopping. Budget supermarkets like Lidl and Aldi offer a stunning range of flowers perfect for valentine’s day at fantastic prices.  For a longer lasting option you could buy a plant instead. Standard roses, bay trees, holly trees and orchids would be a lovely alternative.

Music evokes memories and feelings from different era’s of your life. It would be wonderfully romantic to create a playlist of all the songs that have meaning to you as a couple. What song reminds you of when you first met? Did you have a favourite song as your first dance at your wedding? Many songs have lyrics that just “mean something” and have the benefit of the words being sung rather than you having to say them.

Spend the day together

Spending time together as a couple means a lot more than a bunch of flowers. If you are both normally at work on Valentine’s day, book the day off and explore the countryside around where you live or visit a place of interest. If funds allow you could stop for a pub lunch, or take a picnic and flask of hot coffee.

Get creative
Like flowers the cost of buying cards at valentine’s day rises considerably, it is easy to spend £5 and upwards on the card alone! A card created by hand will be truly appreciated as it shows effort and is personal. Have a hunt around craft shops for greeting card kits or create your own.

Most of all, enjoy the day!

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