I have talked about my battles with anxiety in the past and the struggles I have had. My anxiety started to rear it’s ugly head in a big way when I had my first born Archie. I had always been a worrier and thinking about it I had anxiety for years not knowing that’s what it was.

I have high functioning anxiety which means I experience symptoms like worrying a lot, racing thoughts, over thinking , fear and losing sleep etc but I get through everyday life anyway. I carry on with all of my every day activities , go to work and generally get on.

This can be so lonely as everyone thinks I’m ok as they can’t physically see a problem. Only I know about what is going on in my own mind. You are the only one who knows what you are thinking and no one else sees that so they can’t offer to listen or help as you isolate your feelings because you feel ashamed.

Lonely because no one hears my thoughts as I lay in bed awake at 2am , 4am or 5.30am. It’s just me and anxiety which is the worst kind of company to have. Anxiety is like the opposite of a cheerleader , instead of cheering you on it’s there questioning everything you do , taunting you.

Lonely because it’s just me thinking and nobody there with me to rationalise and process my thoughts. Instead I amplify something so simple and it will build and build all day until my brain is ready to explode and I can’t think anymore , I can’t feel and I just go off in to my own bubble.

I have worked hard over the past few years to try and combat my anxiety and try and live as worry free as possible. There are many ways to try and help combat anxiety –

Give up caffeine

This has been a massive contributor to easing the anxiety for me. I used to consume so much caffeine every day. With having two babies so close in age the sleep deprivation and the general exhaustion took hold. I felt I needed the caffeine to survive. I was having around 6 cups of coffee and other caffeinated drinks a day. Since I have completely cut out caffeine I have noticed a massive difference in my mental health and anxiety levels.

Find a therapist

Finding a therapist and attending therapy can make the world of difference when it comes to fighting anxiety. There are all kinds of different therapy you have , from psychotherapy to CBT etc. BetterHelp is a great way of finding local therapists. This could be the first step in getting some help to work on anxiety.

Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness is so helpful for helping anxiety. It is the psychological process of bringing your attention to things that are happening in the present moment, which you can develop through the practice of meditation and through other training , this along the help of therapists can really help.

Write everything down

I find this a massive help to write what I am feeling and how I’m going to work towards not feeling that way. I also write down my intrusive thoughts and write answers / solutions to them – I find this so effective.

I’m hoping these solutions will help someone and make a difference to your anxiety levels.

*Collaborative post


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