There is nothing more precious than family time. We love getting out and about and doing this as a family of four but also as an extended family. If the weather is nice or even if it is now so great we always encourage outdoor play.

Our two love the outdoors it’s where they are truly happy and in their element.  With that in mind read on to see some suggestions for activities and outdoor play to enjoy as a family. There is so much fun to be in your garden –

Kite flying – This is the ultimate outdoor activity that all of the family can enjoy. You can increase the fun by getting everyone to create their own kite, enabling them to decorate their kite with different colours and patterns. This is so much fun and it gets everyone’s crafty side out too !

Nature exploration – Nature is an incredible thing and children should be taught about it from a young age. Enable them to explore the soil, bugs, worms, flowers, trees, grass, and all of the other wonderful things around them. Water play tables are great for the little ones to play with their treasures they have collected.

Garden camping–  You don’t have to go out into the wilderness t enjoy a camping trip you can use your back garden for this.  All you need is a few sleeping bags and a tent. We love to do this and get the BBQ going for a campfire tea and marshmallow toasting. This encourages so much outdoor play for the little ones. They love putting the tent up and collecting sticks for the pretend campfire.

Sports day – Why not host your own sports day – this is so much fun. You can get all of your little ones friends and family over and  you can come up with an assortment of challenges for everyone to compete in. You will need a reward so a great idea would be to buy some medals for the winner and the runner-up and this will get everyone excited.

The good thing about this activity is that it does not cost a lot and you can do it from the comfort of your own garden. This is a great way to encourage outdoor play. And if you have any outdoor play equipment you could create and mini assault course , which will provide hours of fun.

Trampoline jumping – Not only is trampoline jumping so much fun but it is a great way for children and parents to be healthier too and promote outdoor play. You won’t even feel like you are exercising.

Build a den or a tree house – No matter what kind of weather it is – Why not build a den or a tree house as a family? This is a great activity which will keep the little ones entertained for several hours.  Not only will they have fun building the den or tree house but they will have plenty of fun playing in it as well , this will create hours of outdoor play fun and also encourage role play activities. This is also something they can play with over and over again.

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