Every year it’s a case of new year, new me! Since I have had the babies I keep promising to loose the baby weight and keep fit! This year I really need to stick to this. There are many ways I will try and achieve this.

Eat loads of in season fruit and veg 

With the new year there are plenty of opportunity to eat all of those new in season fruits and vegetables. There are so many different salads you could create with homemade dressings and leans meat/fish. You can also dust off the smoothie maker and blend them all together for a healthy breakfast and still get in to healthy living as a parent.

Take advantage of walking routes 

The cold and crisp days are a perfect time to get out walking. The thing I love about walking is that you can do this at your own pace fast or slow. You can also go on scenic routes and do this alone or with friends. There are so many walking routes where I live a mountains that it’s easy to get out and about on a scenic walk.

Get a fitness watch to help keep you on track 

I need a bit of motivation to keep me on track and think that a fitness / running watch would really help. I like the way you can see how far you have walked / run. I also like that you can set targets and know how many calories you have lost from exercising. It’s best to get one of the Best running watches to help you do this.

Cycle instead of using a car or public transport

When the weather is dry cycling could be an alternative method of getting to work etc. The great thing about this is that it’s free and will give you your daily workout. It will help to burn calories and get the endorphins pumping for the start of the day too.


Swimming is a fab way of keeping fit as it works every part of your body. I love that you can do this whatever the weather too as there is no excuse not to do so. Swimming is also something I really enjoy too.

Using fitness apps 

Using fitness apps can really help you stay on track. You can watch what you eat and take control of your calories. You can also track your exercise which is a fab motivational tool.

As you can see there are so many ways to get out and about during the new year. There is so much fresh air and freedom , so many free ways to get out and about too. I think the new year encourages everyone to get out more and just generally get fit. What plans have you got this new year to get fit ?

*Collaborative post

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