From time to time we can feel lonely , you could have many people around you and still feel lonely or lost. There are loads of things we can be doing to combat this and help ease the loneliness. Also if people around you are feeling lonely peeling lonely particularly the elderly or relatives that have just retired there are things you can do to help.

We live in an area with quite a few elderly/ retired residents and I like to check in with them from time to time to ensure they are OK and ask if they need anything. Sometimes and hour chat and cuppa helps to ease some loneliness for them and break up the day.

There are many things elderly/retired  people can do to help combat loneliness – 

Get out and about if you can 

It’s always good to get out and about if you can , even a trip to the local town for a coffee and a walk can do the world of good. It means you are getting some human interaction from being surrounded by people and even stopping for a chat or speaking to the retail assistant etc. As you have been so used to interaction with others from working all of your adult life it is natural to feel some level of loneliness from not having that every day.

Join a group 

There are many groups to join and get involved in which would be a great way of combating loneliness and making new friends along the way. There are so many groups to join for example baking clubs , art clubs the list is endless. These sort of things are usually at local community centres and schools , they are perfect for forming friendships in retirement too.


There are so many fab coach holidays you can go on from your local towns and cities these days , it’s a great way of travelling and getting to meet new people. There are nearly always going to be people in the same situation as yourself that want to ease loneliness and meet new people.


Take on a new hobby something you may never have tried before. This is a fab way of meeting friends with similar interests and it’s also a good way of keeping your mind active. It makes you feel some inf of self-worth as well as you are doing / working on something you enjoy.

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