Being a parent in lock down is hard – you don’t get your wind down and relax time when the children are in school anymore. It’s still so important to find ways to relax and have some you time in lockdown.

Having you time as a parent is really important for your general well-being and mental heath , I also believe it makes you a better parent. I love to relax online in my spare time there are loads of different ways you can relax online and get some you time.

Streaming online shows and movies 

I like try to relax as much as possible when I am child free or the little ones are in bed. One of my favourite things to do is relax online by watch box sets and live stream TV. It is so important to have a reliable broadband service as there is nothing worse than sitting down to relax with a box set or film and it starts buffering due to low broadband signal. Its a good idea to do a Google search and see what is available in your area.

Having good broadband is essential for relaxing online , as mentioned earlier there is nothing worse than streaming movies and shows that keep cutting out and need to be started again. I find movies and shows so relaxing , as I almost escape and get lost in them which I find so relaxing.

Yoga and exercise 

I have found the internet an amazing way to get in to exercise that I have never tried before , for example Yoga – with good quality broadband you can stream yoga classes and videos and have a go in your own home at your own pace. There are also so many exercises you can learn and take part in by watching videos. Whilst practicing yoga at home you may want to re arrange your furniture to create a peaceful place to practice it or even change some home decor bits to make the atmosphere calm and relaxing or even create a yoga studio. Pinterest have loads of fab videos for inspiration. Sam Haskell is a great inspiration and her book makes good reading.


There is so much to read whether it’s an actual physical book, online reading / articles or magazines. These will definitely help you to relax and have some you time.

Finding hobbies

Take on a new hobby something you may never have tried before. This is a fab way of meeting friends with similar interests and it’s also a good way of relaxing and doing something for yourself. It also makes you feel a level of self-worth as well as you are doing / working on something you enjoy that is for you and not for everyone else.The internet can be a fab tool for this as you can search for classes in the hobby you want to try or you can also learn a hobby online from watching videos and online courses / learning.

Online shopping 

I find this such a great way to relax , shopping without two little ones in tow getting bored and wanting to buy everything in sight ! I can spend hours browsing and finding online bargains. Also there isn’t much options for shopping in lockdown.

It is really important for you to have that self identity when you enter parenthood , something that makes you feel like you and not just Mum or Dad. Having relax time and doing things you enjoy can help you keep that identity and not feel so overwhelmed by everything you have to do on a daily basis. Lets face it as parents we don’t stop even when we go to sleep we are dreaming about what we have to do the next day!

What do you do to relax online ? I would love to hear about it.

*Collaborative post

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