If you live with a guy who struggles to understand the female of the species, it’s time to educate him. With lockdown, meaning that you are spending more time together than ever before, you need to tell your hubby or boyfriend all about you as a woman.

This can help him to understand your emotions, your ailments, your motivations, and your mind. Men tend to assume that women are these mythical beings that will never be fully understood. While that may be the case, you can ensure that your partner becomes a more empathetic human being to the female cause. Take a look at what all men should know about women.

Tardiness Is Not On

Women enjoy punctuality even in self-isolation. If we say that dinner is for 7 pm sharp, we don’t mean 7:15 or 8 pm. Timing is crucial as we have plans and like to maintain some sort of order in our lives. This need for punctuality stems from the female need to be listened to. Women tend to perceive men as being one-trick ponies – only able to conduct one activity at a time.

We appreciate it when men listen to us and make us the focus of their attention. Women hate lateness as it signifies a lack of consideration. Order and organisation is a crucial part of life, and we want our male counterparts to understand this.

Appreciate Our Emotions

Women don’t get moody for no reason, and we certainly don’t enjoy feeling sad, teary, or upset. The chances are that our hormone levels are raging, and when our partners show a seeming lack of care towards us, this compounds the problem. Men need to allow women to have the space they need to work through their feelings or have some time to themselves for a long hot soak in the bath with some scented candles and a good book. If the man in our lives could run the bath for us, that would be even better.

Our emotions are dictated very much by our hormone fluctuations in a way men can struggle to comprehend. If we are going through ‘women things’, men tend to switch off and veer away, allowing their wives and girlfriends to cope alone. If men could try to be more sympathetic, life can be easier for everyone. 


There are some things that only women go through. Cystitis is one of them. If you are feeling under the weather, talk to your partner and ask them to pick you up some uti pain relief. By empowering them to be part of the solution, they will respond and help you because they love you. Put yourself in your boyfriend’s or husband’s shoes and give them the opportunity to show how much they love you. Because they do. While we may find reasons to knock the men in our lives, it’s often because we don’t give them credit or a chance to show how amazing and understanding they can be.

Men are from Mars, and women are from Venus is an edict that many people live by. However, during this lockdown time, try to meet halfway and understand one another just that little bit more.

*Collaborative post

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