Having an operation is such a daunting thought , even more scary if something was to go wrong. In my time I gave had a fair few operations as I have suffered with ENT problems my whole life. This started with a tonsillectomy when I was 3 and then many more sinus and throat operations in my late twenties. Thankfully for myself nothing went wrong and all was as planned.

Medical negligence can happen these days and occurs far more than it should. There are varying levels of medical negligence from something minor to possibly life changing. You really should not have to worry about this when going in for a procedure but in reality this can be a very real worry.

So what do you do when you do have a problem? Or feel you have suffered from medical negligence? You can make a claim if you feel you are a victim of medical negligence. There are so many companies out there who can help you with this but you do need to ensure that you choose one like Axiclaim who are professional and accredited company.

They will take you through the whole process and ensure that your claim is handled from start to finish. If the claim is for your child this can also be done through yourself.

There are many ways in which you could have been a victim of medical negligence. These can include – 

  • Incorrect diagnosis
  • Delay in diagnosis
  • Errors during surgery
  • Incorrect medication
  • Failing to refer the patient to a specialist
  • Failing to provide advice of treatment options or warn of potential risks

There are also different things you can claim for which include – 

  • Loss of earnings
  • Any treatment you may have to have
  • Travel to and from treatment
  • Any level of care you may need

Of course in a perfect world you would go in for an operation and everything will go as planned and you will be given the right level of care. You need to ensure you claim within the time limit given and provide all the information required to ensure that your claim is handled smoothly.

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