It’s a very common problem. You might like nothing more than the idea of enjoying your home and garden with your pet, but you have trouble keeping one because you can’t stand around most cats or dogs without sneezing up a storm. If you have allergies that tend to get kicked up by pets, what options do you have?

The Bichon Frise

If you’re allergic to dogs but you want your own canine companion, then the curly white hair of the Bichon Frise might make them the perfect pup for you. Their dense coat makes it harder for dander to escape, so people with allergies rarely have problems with them. The fact that their coat has to be groomed on a regular basis means they might take a little more care than most breeds, but that is part of what helps keep them dander free, too.

Hamsters and guinea pigs

If you’re looking for something relatively small that can be kept in the home, then caged rodent pets can make for a great choice. While hamsters and guinea pigs might not be hypoallergenic, the fact that they are kept in a restricted space (though you can make it as big as you like) is a benefit to allergy suffers. All of their dander is kept to one place that can be emptied and cleaned to make sure that there’s no risk of it spilling out around the house.

A couple of alpacas

It might not be an option that you have considered before, but alpacas are widely loved as pets for their fun appearance, soft fur, and gentle temperaments. They don’t need to be muzzled because they only have teeth on the bottom side so they’re relatively safe for kids so long as attention is paid. This website highlights a range of other reasons alpacas might be the perfect pet for you and, what’s more, they’re hypoallergenic. However, alpacas are pack creatures so it’s usually recommended you keep two together for their mental health.

A pig

If you have the outdoor space but not the kind of attention to give to two animals at once, then pigs can be great pets. While primarily outdoor animals, pigs aren’t solely kept on farms and are, in fact, a rather popular pet due to their intelligence and emotional complexity. They can even be trained to act like guard dogs, as shown by this site. They rarely affect allergy sufferers, but it should be kept in mind that they can grow to over 100 pounds. “Micropigs” do not usually stay micro for very long, so don’t get caught out by that old trick.

There are plenty of pets that owners with allergies can easily own. Of course, deciding which one best fits your needs means taking a closer look at your home, how much space you have to offer, and which better fit your lifestyle. Some people might not have the space for an alpaca compared to a cat, for instance.

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