When there’s more talk about war now than there has been in some time, it would make sense to prepare what to say to your kids when they ask about it.

Talk of war is all over the TV, in the papers, magazines, and social media. It’s likely other kids will mention it at school. Knowing what you’re going to say to your children will help you to alleviate their fears. 


Tell Them The Truth

Depending on your kid’s age, it could be time to explain to them what has really gone on and why people are upset about it. It could also be a time to point them towards history books suitable for their age so they can learn about similar historical events. 


Let Them Know Experts Don’t Think it Will Happen

Experts do not believe that a war is imminent. Tension around the world has simply been increased due to the decision of Trump. 


Distract Them

Unless your child is anxious and an overthinker, it’s likely that you will be able to distract them from this sort of thinking. There’s nothing wrong with educating them a little, but you don’t want them to become obsessed with the idea of war. Give them lots of fun things to do, such as arts and crafts, and play with them. 


If your kids are interested and you know it won’t scare them or keep them awake at night, you could further educate them by showing them the below infographic.

credit to Norwich University

*Collaborative post

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