Children are good imitators. The way you behave before the kids and how you choose to bring up your children will have a long-term effect on their lives. When you are young, you always wonder what type of parent you would be. While this is the question people ask, there are various parenting styles. We sought to find out the answer to this question and here is what we found out.

Parenting styles

There are five styles of parenting, and they include:

* Tiger: Parents who push their kids to succeed based on their parenting terms.

* Free-range: These are parents who give their kids lots of liberty.

* Gentle or attachment: These are the type of parents who calm but put in place limits by kid’s needs and behavior.

* Snow plough: Parents who eliminate obstacles to create an easy life for the kids.

* Helicopter: The type of parents who control each part of the kid’s life.

There are four typologies commonly talked about, and they include the following:

* Permissive: They are negligent about their hopes. They do not require much of their kids and do not set principles

* Authoritarian: They are the influence in their youngster’s life. They put rules in place, and they are similar to the tiger parents.

* Authoritative: They are parents that are extremely demanding at the same time highly approachable.

* Neglectful: Parents who are apathetic in their youngsters and reluctant to take a dynamic role in their kid’s lives.

Authoritative parents

These parents are considered the most successful and are characterized by their high hopes, support, and understanding. All these qualities provide a healthy atmosphere that lets kids flourish. Though you may not be an authoritative parent, you can make every effort to obtain these qualities.

* Effects of authoritative parenting

* This type of parenting has the following effects on the kids:

* They are likely to have happier characters

* Have excellent emotional management and control

* Are self-

* Grow excellent social abilities

* Are self-possessed about their abilities to acquire new skills

Examples of authoritative parenting Check these authoritative parenting examples below.

* They are warm and nurture the talents of their kinds

* They listen to their children

* They give the kids the freedom they need and also support liberty

* They understand their kids instead of asking for blind obedience

* They put in place open restrictions on behavior

* These parents constantly impose boundaries

* Apply positive discipline as an alternative to penalizing or powerful measures

* They earn respect from their kids, and they do not demand it.

Even if you are not an authoritative parent, research has found that this style is the best as it gives out the best results in youngsters. Although these parents have high hopes for their children, they also provide them with resources. Another thing about authoritative parenting is that they support the kids to- achieve their dreams. Having said this, I believe, every parent wants the best for his kids. No parent would be happy to see his children fail. But it is essential to provide a healthy and safe environment for their success.

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