As a mum, you’re probably used to carrying everything but the kitchen sink whenever you leave the house. Even if the days of diaper bags and baby essentials are long behind you, the chances are that your kids and their needs still put a fair amount of strain on your shoulders. The trouble is that you aren’t Mary Poppins, and you feel every last ounce of that weight.

Aside from leading to almost inevitable back problems, heavy mum travel is guaranteed to stress you out and stop you from wanting to go anywhere. Luckily, travelling as a mum needn’t mean taking the kitchen sink. While you will want certain things to hand, we’ve got some simple switches that could lighten your load more than you thought possible. Keep reading to find out what they are!


Let the kids carry their own


Most of what you carry likely belongs to your kids. They’ll want colouring, pack lunches, toys, and more to keep them amused. Before you know, your bag is packed to the rafters, and it isn’t even your stuff! 


There’s a simple solution, and it comes in the form of encouraging your kiddies to carry their things. Obviously, you don’t want to overload them, and valuables should always stay with you, but giving kids bags for their non-essentials can work wonders. Not only does this free your shoulder, but it’s also an excellent lesson in responsibility. All you need to do is buy a few kid-friendly rucksacks, and make sure that they aren’t left anywhere!


Merge your devices


Second to kid stuff, devices are probably the most cumbersome things in your bag. But don’t you need each of them for taking family snaps, listening to music, and still being contactable? Perhaps not. Now, it’s easier than ever to merge devices for light travel the whole family can get behind. Looking for a new phone? Dare to be different by seeking one with a top-notch camera that saves you having to carry your bulky old one around. Or, look out for music-storage options that save you having to carry both your kids’ music players. As simple as that, you can half your bag weight without once compromising on the tech essentials that make days out memorable!


Image by Lee Campbell: CC0 Licence


Scrap the purse


After taking care of these, your purse is likely the standout remaining heavy item. Of course, you need money to stock up on ice cream or buy farm entry for the whole family. But, you can still rid yourself of that weight by updating your payment methods, too. Modern contactless payment options mean that you can now pay for most things using nothing more than your phone. Stock a secret tenner in your phone case for emergencies, and you’ll be good to go.


Take care of these pointers, and you should soon find that your bag is light as air. Just make sure you don’t float away, and your family outings are guaranteed to feel a whole lot less stressful moving forward! 


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