It’s so hard to make mummy friends and motherhood can feel like such a lonely place at times.  When you click with that mummy friend it’s amazing. 

You go to a baby group or join a baby group online , you meet mummies and get chatting to one and know instantly you are going to get on well. 

You get to know her and start to think where have you been my whole adult life. Think of all the fun you could have had in your wild pre kids clubbing days. 

You like the same fashion , share a love for coffee , both love a wine and are box set compatible.

You talk about life , love , everything. You actually have a conversation that isn’t baby related for the first time in 3 months.

You laugh and cry together. Even though you have not long met you have a strong bond and just know your going to get along great.

Your toddlers love play dates indoors and picnics in the summer. They play and squabble like siblings, they are now inseparable and besties for life. It’s lovely how she cares for your little ones like her own and vice versa.

She’s always there for you no matter what. When you haven’t slept all week , your baby is teething and you feel drained. She is there to pick you up and encourage you to keep going. Her words of encouragement pick you right up and your ready to take on the rest of the week.

She’s never bored with you talking about your toddler and his poo habits or how he’s having 100 tantrums a day. She tells you how she’s going through exact same and makes you feel so much better , that it’s not just you. Your not a bad mum because your toddler throws himself on the floor and screams noooooo because her toddler is on the floor next to him doing exactly the same. She shares your hate for Peppa Pig and agrees Peppa Pig is the reason for your toddlers acting bratty. 

She doesn’t care that you wear your hair in a permanent mum bun , you have weatabix smeared on your jeans or that your house is a mess. As long as you have an ear to listen and coffee she’s happy.

You can’t imagine life without a meet up and a good old chinwag. When one of you can’t make it that week you miss each other like mad and can’t wait to catch up. It seems like an eternity . You have a whole weeks toddler life and the last episode of suits to catch up about.

Your so happy you have found your mummy friend soul mate and just know you have made a friend for life. You will still be meeting up when you have moody teens , when they are off to uni or travelling the world. You will see your babies marry , have babies and you will start the whole process again when you meet up for nanny play dates.

Thank you for being in my life and helping me through the scariest hood there is – mummyhood.

9 thoughts on “When you just click with that mummy friend ”

  1. Awe how lovely! I have a mummy friend like this who’s boy is a month older, we have been close since pregnancy… Unfortunately due to moving because of hubby’s work we don’t see each other often but we talk daily still 🙂

  2. Aww so lovely and I couldn’t agree more! We went to NCT classes and the friends we made from those classes have been there through thick and thin. Having a good group of friends around you is so important when you enter the tough world of parenthood! #blogstravaganza

    Helen x

  3. I have my mummy friend too and I am so greatful for her! Even though we now live in different communities we talk daily and just knowing she’s there, she gets it and she gets me is so awesome💕 Thanks for sharing on #blogstravaganza

  4. Aw this is so right. I met my mummy friend when our children were only weeks old. Our children get on so well and it’s so nice to have an ally in this parenting game! Hats off to our mummy friends! Thanks so much for linking up to #Blogstravaganza xx

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