Do you commute to work by motorway every day? Do you like to have weekends away not just in the UK but in continental Europe? Would you like to have more control over your holiday or long weekend breaks? Then the key to your freedom lies with a GT car. No, don’t mistake GT for something that only supercars have like the Ford GT. GT merely stands for Grand Tourer. It’s a type of car that is known in the industry as a ‘mile muncher’, because that’s exactly what it does.

A car that is made for continued high speed, staying flat and stable on the bumps, not making a lot of engine noise, dampening any wind noise against the chassis and allowing you to drive hundreds and hundreds of miles in complete comfort. If you have a family and have saved up to treat yourself then a GT car could be used for the whole family’s needs. It’s a workhorse and could also give you a bit of excitement in the right mode.

2+2 style

Most true GT cars are always going to be configured in the 2+2 style. This means that the driver and the passenger are given the most space inside but there are 2 smaller seats in the back. If you have children they can easily fit in the back.

The best true GT cars come from the United Kingdom. We make the best mile munchers and brands like Jaguar, Bentley, Rolls-Royce and Aston Martin have proved so. Look at the Bentley Continental on Century Cars, which is at an absolute bargain of under £35,000. It’s a 2+2 convertible, with Magnolia hide leather and a massage feature built into the seats.

It’s a classic sleek design that allows this 6.0-litre 550bhp howler to glide through the air on any motorway. It also bears modern technology such as the coming home controls for navigation and cruise control.

Built for speed & longevity 

GT cars love speed. They can accelerate and keep up with any modern supercar but they aren’t designed to be slapped around corners at high G-forces. They are the cars for gentleman, which offer grace and pace. The pace is always there if you need it, such as for when you want to overtake someone on a country lane but don’t have much space or time to do so in a normal family hatchback.

They are also built like tanks, made to last and take any bumps and jolts from the road. That’s why they are usually around 2-tons because they use inertia to waft you down the road effortlessly. They also have the best reputation for depreciation among the sportscar category. An Aston Martin DB9 built in the early 2000s will still have around 35-45% of it’s value left even after 20 years. It’s therefore a good investment choice as well.

For those that love to go on family road trips, have a long weekend away in a luxury hotel or just go see the world with their husband of wife, then the GT car is the type of car that will serve you best. 

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