Why are Drama Classes so Important for Children?

When considering their child’s academic performance, many parents give little to no thought to drama lessons, instead focussing on subjects like Maths, English, or Science. However, drama lessons are greatly beneficial for children and actually help them succeed in other areas of their life. Drama already plays a huge role in a child’s life, even before they start school. When playing make-believe, they are able to explore important fictional situations that share similarities with the real world. Drama lessons promote a similar learning experience. A private school in Somerset explores the importance of drama classes in further below.

Drama is Multi-Sensory

Students who struggle with reading and writing tend to respond in a positive way to the imaginative, physical experience of drama lessons. As a result, they learn skills such as creativity, co-operation, leadership, and empathy. Creative and empathetic people are able to understand certain concepts in a different way; they can think on their feet and come up with new ideas.

Drama Improves Communication Skills

When a child takes on the language of the role they are playing, their vocabulary expands. What’s more, by expressing a character verbally and through body language and facial expressions, children become better communicators.

Drama Builds Confidence

In drama lessons, children are encouraged to perform in front of others and also express their ideas and opinions. This helps even the shyest kids become more confident, especially when they are given constructive feedback and applauded after a performance.

Drama Promotes Friendship

Drama classes are interactive and encourage students to listen to and support one another. As a result, drama is a chance for children to bond in a way that cannot do so in other lessons. Teamwork is a crucial life skill that can benefit your child in many ways, even in the future when the time comes for them to apply for jobs.

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