Raising children is harder than it looks. If you think it’s easy to raise kids, then the parents you’re watching are clearly doing an excellent job! Children require lots of work and attention, but it’s even harder when you have a little girl. Throughout her life, she will come across different situations and barriers that make it harder to raise her than it will to raise a boy. 

Why is this the case? Well, here are a few reasons:

It tends to be safer to be a boy

Generally, life is safer when you’re a boy. Women and girls do things that boys don’t even think about. Walking home in the dark is easy for a boy/man, but it’s incredibly scary for a girl. As your daughter grows up, you start worrying more and more about them. Simple things become worrisome as you fear for their safety. When they learn to drive, you worry about them being alone in the car with an instructor for so long. Thankfully, some companies let you specifically book female driving instructors to put your mind at ease. The fact that things like this exist is testament to the idea that it’s much safer to be a boy in our world. 

Therefore, it’s harder to raise a girl as you will be scared of her every move. If your son is late coming home from school, you might not bat an eyelid. If your daughter is late, you’re suddenly much more worried. 

Girls have it harder than boys

Again, as your daughter grows up, she’ll soon realise that life is harder as a girl. Different barriers are put in the way that stops her from achieving her potential. As a parent, you have the challenging task of explaining to your daughter that life isn’t always fair when you’re a girl. You’ll have to watch her try harder and struggle more to get the same opportunities that might be awarded to your son. It’s a very difficult thing to handle and witness as you don’t know how to deal with it. 

Girls go through more dramatic biological changes

Of course, when your children are going through puberty, life is much harder when there’s a teenage girl in the house! Girls go through more dramatic physical and emotional changes when they approach adulthood. There’s far more for you to discuss with your daughter, while things are pretty straightforward for boys. I think almost everyone with a daughter has a horror story of what it was like when they were in their teenage years!

Ultimately, raising a daughter is a challenge in our world. Thankfully, things are actually getting better. Who knows, by the time your daughter is older, some of these things might not matter! Still, you have to appreciate that raising a son and a daughter are two completely different things. You have to take different approaches with each one, but it will be tougher with a little girl. However, this doesn’t mean that having a daughter is anything less than magical. When you see them break down barriers and become a strong woman, it’ll bring tears to your eyes.

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