There are so many good reasons why a couple that are planning their wedding need to include a wedding film on their list of things to book. Here we touch on just a few key things to consider and why booking a highly experienced team of wedding film specialists such as White Dress Films can make all the difference to your finished wedding film.

Forget the old stereotype wedding videos

Firstly, having a wedding film recorded of your special day is the best possible way of remembering your wedding day. Video technology, filming techniques and editing software have moved on greatly over the past few years, so you can forget the image of a poorly shot, drunken wedding videos of years ago that make you wince and cringe at the memory. The days of bulky hand-held camcorders delivering shaky and dimly-lit footage are long gone.

Investing in your wedding memories

These days, with the quality of filming techniques continuing to rise, more wedding couples than ever are investing in a high-quality, well edited wedding film in addition to having a traditional still photographer to take their wedding photographs.

The modern couple also realise that that they have family and friends flung out all over the country and the world that simply cannot make their big day. Even though the couple would love to get everyone together to celebrate their wedding, they know that this can be very impractical or majorly expensive to pull together.

A perfect solution here is to capture their big day on film as it unfolds and as the excitement builds towards the exchanging of the vows and the signing of the marriage register. Your wedding film will be produced and delivered in a format that will be easy for you to share with treasured family members and friends that for whatever reason cannot be present at your wedding.

White Dress Films Cinematic Quality Footage

Because filming equipment and technology have greatly improved over recent years, our expert team of film makers and film editors can produce you a wedding film that is of high-level cinematic quality. Our editing style used on your footage will perfectly reflect your desires for your finished film, so if you want a film that makes compelling watching and slowly builds a sense of anticipation and excitement up to a crescendo, we can use our years of experience and editing expertise to deliver you exactly what you desire.

Your wedding film will fill in the blanks

On your wedding day your head will be swimming with emotions. This means that often parts of your wedding day will be blur to you where you cannot remember everything clearly. Of course there will also be the elements and happenings of your big day that you will not be present for, such as your wedding guests arriving at your venue. For the bride and groom, they get to see snapshots of the wedding preparations of their partner and their attendants in anticipation of their grand debut for the wedding ceremony.

Your wedding film camera person will also be in a fantastic position to capture the close-up reactions and emotions on the faces of your closest family and friends as you breeze elegantly past them and are facing away from them for your ceremony.

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