With the Christmas season fast approaching drivers and commuters alike will be heading wherever home is for them. With this massive flow of people all traveling at the same time there’s bound to be congestion and traffic on the roads, and when you add the typical British weather to it the equation things are bound to get dangerous. We have created this post as a way of giving advice to an inexperienced driver to help them get home safely for the holidays. There are a variety of things you need to pay attention to like your speed, your tyre pressure, the fluids in your car and sometimes even aggressive drivers.

Tips on preparing your car for winter

• Firstly, you should always make sure that you are sticking to your scheduled servicing. If it has been a while since you last serviced your car you should take it in up to a week before any long journeys.

• You should also check the fluids in your car, the oil level, anti-freeze, wiper fluids and more. If possible, you should store extras in your car.

• Your tyres should be top priority, if you have winter tyres in storage it might be a clever idea to get them fitted before you embark on your journey. While you’re at it, you should also be checking your tyre pressure and tread depth.

• Finally, you should make sure that all the lights are working as normal. In the winter season it gets darker earlier which reduces visibility which is where the lights come into play. Check the bulbs, clean the lights and don’t forget your hazard lights.
Winter driving essentials

• You should always have a de-icer and scraper somewhere in your car. De-ice your car before any long-distance journey and don’t forget the windows.

• Because of the unpredictability of the roads, having a first aid kit in the car is a good idea. Your kit should include a torch, blanket, warm clothing, and bottled water. • You should also take snacks and drinks with you, you never know what type of traffic you’ll face on the roads and how long you’ll be in it.
Planning your journey

• You should take some time out to properly plan your journey, look at the weather and prepare appropriately. You should also find an alternative route to just destination just in case of road works or any other issue.

• While driving, tune into your local radio station to listen to updates on the traffic report.

• Finally, you should always make use that your phone is fully charged, and someone knows where you are.

If you these simple steps, you’ll be home for the holidays in no time. Remember to drive carefully and be vigilant on the road. You might be taking extra steps to ensure that you are driving safely, but you cannot control how other people will be driving so being vigilant and responding appropriately would be a massive advantage.

*Collaborative post

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