Winter hair care treatments

With winter approaching, the team at NUYU are aware that the condition of our hair can become compromised. It is a time of high wind, biting cold and constant rain, causing brittle and dry hair. Therefore, it is more critical than at other times of the year to use hair care treatments to protect and repair. Here are the NUYU team’s suggestions for better winter hair condition.

#01 Wear a hat

One of the best ways to treat your hair is to keep it shielded from the dry air, wind, and rain. While no one loves hat hair, you should do what is needed to protect your hair from breakage. Wearing wool and cotton fabrics can cause breakage too, so you are better off with silk or satin. Using some fibres can lead to static, so you make sure you use an oil spray to combat this.

#02 Invest in a humidifier

While you might think that the winter is full of moisture, the air is quite dry. It can lead to the moisture being sucked from your hair – especially when you are indoors with the central heating on. Therefore, it is a good idea to invest in a humidifier. If you do not want another machine humming away, then you can get pots that you fill with water and hang from your radiators that work as well. Making this choice will help you to keep your locks looking luscious and healthy too.

#03 Trimmings!

And we don’t mean the ones you would put up at Christmas. Getting a regular trim is the best way to maintain the health of your hair. If you visit your hairdresser every four to eight weeks, you can stop those split ends developing. It is also a great time to ask your stylist for a conditioning treatment suitable for protecting your hair from the elements.

#04 Cooler showers

As much as it is incredible to have a steaming hot shower in the winter, you can quickly zap all the moisture from your hair this way. This is especially true if you go super-steamy when the temperature is below freezing outside. The change from hot to freezing can leave your hair brittle and vulnerable to breaking. Therefore, using lukewarm water to rinse your hair before going out is best for the condition of your hair.

For the same reason, you also want to avoid styling your hair with the help of hair. Even the use of a hairdryer could increase your hairs chance of breaking. If you are short on time in a morning, take a shower on an evening instead and allow your hair to dry naturally overnight.

You should also avoid using straighteners or any heat styling that gives you twists. Why not try out new styles such as twists, braids, and buns. Remember though, you should never leave the house with wet hair.

#05 Use an at-home oil treatment and a deep conditioner

You can also restore moisture to your hair with the use of oil-based hair treatment. Some lightweight formulas, freely available on the market, can revitalise dry and damaged hair. You should definitely apply a nourishing oil to the ends to protect them from splitting.

As moisturising is the key in winter, you should also seek to deep condition your hair at least once a week. If you choose to use hot styling tools, then this conditioning will be essential. However,

heating and winter winds make the use of a conditioner vital too. A leave-in conditioner will work best as it will also serve to counter static electricity.

Then, once a week, opt for a hair mask. This will reverse all the effects of dryness, and they are quick and easy to use. They can have a massive impact on your hair after just 20 minutes, and you will be delighted by the softening and the shine.

#06 Reduce hair washing

While your hair may become more high maintenance in terms of condition management, you should counter this by reducing the number of washes. If you wash your hair every day you will be stripping it of its natural oils. Therefore, extend the time between hair washes to every three days.

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