Winter hairstyles you need to try

The dark nights are drawing in, and we are turning to woolly hats to save us from the chill. It is a time when our clients ask us for hairstyles that will look glam for the festive season while being practical in the conditions. Our NUYU stylists put our lovely locks together and came up with this list of possibilities to try this winter.

The wavy bob
A bob is a classic look that is so easy to maintain. It is classic and lowkey and perfect for those Zoom Christmas parties and small family events you will attend this year. If you want to add a bit of pizzazz to your look, then you can add some waves to your bob. It is playful as well as chic and leaves you looking naturally chilled.

The shaggy crop
Winter is a time for low maintenance hair. The wind and hat-wearing tend to dry out the hair and make it difficult to maintain. Therefore, going for a short crop but adding some shagginess to give it body, texture and interest is a great option. You can create this shaggy look by using different lengths and layers, all perfectly sculpted but not too much. Be sure to get your styling wax to help give this look the perfect messy scrunch.

Loose low pony
If you are not ready to shed your locks and go quite so extreme, you can go with the comfortable, breezy, low ponytail. Now, with the right sort of styling, this low ponytail can look both casual and polished, depending on the look you need. We are not suggesting you attend your one and only Christmas gathering with your hair scraped back off your face and matched with your favourite joggers. You could always use the barrel curling iron to add a few waves to your hair too.

Sleek with flick out ends
Well, since Kamala Harris has made it to the White House as Vice President, her fashion sense and appearance have gained apparent interest. However, the look she got with the sleek, shoulder-length look that was flicked out at the ends did make her look the picture of poise and power. Worth using a silk press to get that look at the ends.

Updo with sleek bangs
It is always easier in the winter months to drag your hair off your face. Therefore, an updo is a perfect option. However, you will want to frame your face effectively. So, the route to success is with a smoothing out of the bangs, leaving longer lengths over the ears.

Braided ponytail
Another way to look stylish with your hair back of your face is with the braided ponytail. It looks super chic while not being too much work on a dark morning. If you want to add some style, try teasing the hair at the scalp to get a load of volume at the crown. You will need a high-quality teasing brush to give you the height and make your do look fit for the online party.

Low bun with single-coil
Pull your hair into a low bun at the nape of your neck for a show-stealing style. Then, to add a point of interest, pull out one lock and bring it to the front. You can add that coil using a small barrel curling iron. It is sleek, stylish with a hint of fun – and not too much hassle to maintain as a bonus.
Statement hair accessory
So, you genuinely just want to put your hair up into a ponytail. You want no messing around with curling devices or fighting to add volume. Bish, bash, bosh, your hair is up and off you go. Well, if this is you, then you need to find yourself some fabulous hair accessories to add the statement look you will need to feel super sassy at the online boogie. Beaded headbands are a fantastic way to add a touch of glamour without having to get up too early in the winter.

Elegant top knot
Rather than the ponytail scraper-backer, you might be at the opposite end of the spectrum. You will not leave the house without every strand dragged into the most elegant and stylish top knot. And, well, we salute your dedication. For those looking for an end of your party look like a one-off, this is a great hairdo, and you don’t really need loads of time.
Whatever you choose this winter, we hope you can find some peace and happiness – oh and some fluffy warm socks!

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