Review: Organix Goodies snacks

What a gorgeous selection of goodies we were sent from Organix Goodies snacks. The box contained cinnamon puffcorn , mini gingerbread men and berry crispy bars. The ankle biters were so excited to try these. 

Frankie has cows milk protein and lactose allergies so she cannot eat anything containing these ingredients. Most of the Organix Goodies products say may contain traces of dairy as food is produced in a factory that handles dairy. Frankie is not at risk of anaphylaxis so is fine to eat these but if your little lovely has any allergies please check if these are suitable for them. 

Cinnamon puffcorn

Cinnamon puffcorn was a huge hit !! We were having a cosy film afternoon in our pj’s so this was prefect. It smelt delicious , it’s fab because it really looks like popcorn but with no choking risk for the little ones as it doesn’t contain kernels. No dairy or lactose ingredients it was ideal for Frankie with her allergies. Organix also do a banana flavored puffcorn which we will definitely be trying. Perfect for our mini mornings cinema trips. 

Mini gingerbread men

These were adorable and full of goodness for the ankle biters. I liked that they were flavoured with grape juice and not large amounts of sugar. They were in handy little bags for a quick on the go snack. I put a couple of packs in the changing bag for when we are out and about on our adventures. These did not contain any dairy or lactose which was fantastic for Frankie ,  as there are not a lot of dairy free gingerbread snacks for toddlers. Frankie loved that the biscuits were gingerbread men shaped , she was so excited. Overall a fab little treat for snack time. Mummy may have enjoyed a couple with a cuppa too Yummy!! 

Berry crispy bars

These were gorgeous and a firm favorite with the ankle biters. Perfect refuel for their mid morning snack. No dairy or lactose ingredients so again perfect for Frankie. They were packed full of raisins which they normally won’t eat but combined with the puffed rice and array of flavours they really did enjoy them. Can’t wait to try the cocoa and orange flavor.

What a perfect selection of snacks for our little ankle biters who are constantly on the go and exploring. We will definitely be buying these again and the other exciting flavours in these ranges. Thank you Organix.

Review: teapigs 

I was recently sent a gorgeous selection of tea from teapigs. I’m a huge tea fan , it’s my mummy fuel so I was over the moon with the fab selection I was sent.

The package included a box of everyday brew – morning-glory , a box of minty fresh – peppermint leaves, a tin of dream on – chamomile flowers and a tin of mao feng – green tea.

The tins were so pretty I will definitely be purchasing some more and putting them on display in the kitchen. They also make fabulous gifts for tea lovers.

Everyday Brew 

Loved this tea it was perfect for the first brew of the day. I like my tea strong and this really felt like I was drinking a cup of loose leaf tea. It made me feel more alert and prepared to deal with whatever the ankle biters threw at me.

Peppermint leaves 

The peppermint scent instantly hits you as open the box it’s amazing. I suffer from heartburn and often drink peppermint tea to help. The mint combinations were delicious and really helped to soothe the heartburn too. It had a fantastic zing to it which helped with my mid afternoon energy slump.

chamomile flowers 

Nearly three years of sleep deprivation has turned me in to an insomniac. I thought I would try switching my regular cup of tea for a calming brew. When the ankle biters were sound asleep I made myself a cup – the aroma is so comforting. I have actually found it’s helping having a couple of cups before bedtime , I have slept a lot better the last few nights. Again another addition to my tea collection. This was my favorite blend. 

Mao Feng 

I really enjoy trying new green teas. I always have a green tea after my evening meal as it really helps with digestion. Since dieting I have found it really contributes to feeling less bloated too. Again the aroma was amazing ,  I was so excited to try this one. It really did taste like loose leaf tea that I used to have in china town during my London days. The smell took me right back there.

Overall I’m so impressed with teapigs , they are of such high quality and really are comparable to loose leaf tea. It’s fab as you can have a proper brew without the hassle of preparing loose leaf tea. Whatever your tea preference I’m sure there’s a blend for you. They also feel like such a treat at the end of a long day with your little lovelies. I’m so looking forward to working my way through the fantastic range teapigs has to offer.