There are so many places that are worth visiting in England, but out of them all, London continues to top the list. From amazing sights to stunning accommodation and a vast assortment of shops and restaurants to visit, London truly does have it all. Best of all, it is perfect for the entire family. Whether you are planning a trip to London for just yourself for a bit of downtime or you want to take the kids, it will still require a lot of planning and organising in advance for it to be a success. So, here is the ultimate guide for a mummy who wants to experience London, with or without the kids. 

Utilise online travel guides 

While it is always nice to leave some time for spontaneous activities, planning ahead always has its benefits. Therefore, your first port of call for organising your trip to London needs to include preparing what you are doing and where you are staying. With a useful resource such as Mr Hudson Explores, you can discover the best things to do and where you should consider going out for food and drink. The guide can ensure you don’t miss out on anything, so be sure to take advantage of the tailor-made itinerary created by one of the experts who will take into consideration your budget, as well your interest, taste, and style. 

Decide what kind of experience you want 

London offers plenty of variety in terms of what you can do. From historical sights and fun attractions to much more peaceful experiences, London has it all, but what you decide to do will depend on what you want to get in return.


  • Peaceful 


If you are after a tranquil and enlightening experience, then why not consider exploring Kew Gardens? You can get closer to nature as you discover the world of science and over 50,000 different living plants that reside in the gardens. Perfect for the kids as well, and reasonably priced, Kew Gardens is only 30 minutes from Central London and makes for a wonderful day of exploring. 


  • Historic


However, if you are after a more historical, educational trip, then putting some time aside to visit the Tower of London is highly recommended. The 900-year-old castle, which is home to the crown jewels, is located in central London and will let you delve into the history of some of its most infamous prisoners. 


  • Fun for the kids 


While you might think that a trip to London with the kids is almost impossible, there are actually many different fun and exciting attractions that will keep them laughing all day long. Why not check out one of the following:

Harry Potter Studio Tour – although this one is a little way out of London, the Harry Potter Studio Tour in Watford will provide both you and your kids with a truly magical experience. 

The London Dungeon – this must-see attraction is perfect for those who love a thrill and want to unlock the perilous history of London. 

Shrek’s Adventure – the kids will love this magical adventure as they embark on a journey  to find Shrek, coming across many of the well-known, beloved characters from the films. 

Make the most of the public transport 

London is well known for its public transport and provides you with plenty of options for travel during your time here. The most popular way to get around, of course, is the London Underground that transports 5 million people daily over 11 lines. With a service that operates from 5am to midnight and a train that arrives every ten minutes to the stations, you won’t have to worry about missing one.

If you would rather not travel via train, however, you could always: 

Walk – There is always something to see in London that makes walking worth it. 

Catch the bus – With an Oyster Card, you hop on and off of buses and go almost anywhere in London.

Riverboat – Miss all the traffic on the roads by opting for this mode of transport along the river Thames.

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