We have always loved the canal and watching the boats go up and down near our house. We live on the Monmouthsire and Brecon canal route and often go to Gotyre Wharf to watch the boats and the ankle biters love it.  We were so excited to be offered a day boat hire with ABC boat hire we were given a few dates to choose one of them being James’ birthday so we chose that day and thought it would be a fab way to celebrate.

We set sail from Goytre wharf it’s such a lovely little wharf with a café , shop and forest to explore. They also have a holiday cottage to rent which looks amazing. We were given the Red Rooster boat for the day. It was so easy to check in and the people at ABC boat hire were so friendly. The boat can take a maximum of 8 people so if you have a larger family or want to bring grandparents etc it’s perfect.

We were greeted at the boat by a lovely man from ABC who explained all the technical , driving and safety bits to a James. He then stayed with us for the first few minutes to see if we were ok to drive and to answer any questions we had whilst driving. Archie and Frankie were given life jackets which they were so excited about and it also put my mind at ease.

The inside of the boat was fab it had 4 benched seating areas , a sink with drinking water and a gas stove with a kettle. This was fab for making a well deserved cuppa at our picnic stop. There is also a toilet on board. There was more than enough room for us to move and walk around. The seating area at the front was fab too for looking out up the canal.

Archie was a bit unsure about getting on at first as he’s the cautious one of them both. After some talking around he was fine and hopped on the boat. Frankie actually shouted “get me on that boat” they were both so excited. The route we took was around 3 hours long in the direction of Llanfoist near Abergavenny. We were aiming to stop at the picnic spot suggested then turn around and sail back.

We had so much to look at on the way that the three hours flew by. I was panicking about keeping two toddlers entertained for that long and made the error of forgetting toys. Luckily they were happy looking at everything around them and asking so many questions. We saw loads of ducks along the way and their gorgeous chicks. Of course we had to stop each time to look and feed them. I would definitely suggest taking some food for the ducks.

We also saw loads of sheep and some cows on the way. It was lovely seeing the cows all trying to walk over the bridge at the same time if not amusing. There were loads of questions from the ankle biters about where the animals lived , how the boat works , what the plants are called in the water and the list goes on. It was such a great educational trip and fab for their little imaginations. They both also enjoyed being co captains and helping Daddy drive.

As it was James’ birthday we packed a lovely little picnic/afternoon tea style buffet and of course a big chocolate cake. The picnic spot was so tranquil and peaceful with just one picnic table situated in the middle of the canal. We enjoyed around 40 minutes here and then we were back on board for the journey back. We turned around and headed back to the boat yard. About half way back the ankle biters fell asleep they were both exhausted obviously!

I can’t recommend ABC boats enough from start to finish they made the whole day and journey so pleasant and enjoyable. The experience of the canal boat ride for the little ones is just invaluable they gained so much knowledge and experience from this. We are already planning our next trip , ABC boat hire are nationwide so are all over the UK. The day hire prices start from £150.00 you also pay a £100 safety deposit which you get back at the end of the day. This is one adventure we will never forget. If you are looking for something fun to do in the upcoming summer holiday then this is just perfect. ABC boat hire also do short breaks if you fancied doing this for more than one day.

The views were also spectacular and so pretty. Here is a few pictures of the views along the way.

We were given a day boat hire in return for an honest review , all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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