It is always difficult to know what to get children for birthdays and Christmas as they get older. The days of finding out what the latest toy is and heading down to Argos are long gone. I find experience gifts are a winner every time. It’s so good to have an adventure to go on and then have those memories last a lifetime with you.

There are many experience gifts you could opt for to suit the older children – 

Camping adventure

There are many camping adventures experiences you can buy and they would make a fabulous treat gift for the older child or even younger members of the family. There are many different ways this could be done for example camping pods , these are great as they have the feel of the outdoors with the luxury of home comforts inside the pod.

You can even stay in tree houses which I think would be every child’s dream. Another choice is staying in a yurt , we did this last summer and it really is fabulous and more luxurious than camping.

Driving experience

A junior driving experience is a great option this is where children from ages 11-17 can drive real super cars and learn some driving skills. They have to be tall enough to reach the pedals and see over the dashboard. This is such a fab experience for them as they will never forget this and hold these memories forever. It is something that is so unique too. The experience is also really safe as they have a CRB checked, qualified instructor with them at all times in the car.

Zip wire and rock climbing

This is such a great fun-filled experience and something to remember , if you are buying it for a child who likes adventure or just someone who will enjoy trying something new. There are so many centres over the UK you will be sure to find one near you. You could even try one further away and make a holiday out of it.

Mountain climbing and camping under canvas

There are so many camping/mountain adventure packages you can find now. These are perfect for the more outdoors type of children. Mountain climbing and making memories by day with chilli on the camp stove at night. I know that my two would really be up for this type of experience gift even at the ages of two and three as they are very much outdoors types.

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