There are so many ways to get out there to get out and about and enjoy yourself and get healthy. The online culture has made people / children less active , with the introduction of social media and so many video games / consoles. There are loads of ways to be active and still enjoy yourself.

Laser tag is a fantastic way to get outdoors active and have fun. Laser Tag has changed so much over the last few years , I remember when I was little it always used to be indoors inside a big warehouse building with the laser quest outfits and kit.  GO Laser Tag in London brigs a brand new way of enjoying the Laser Tag activity within a forest setting GO Action Forest.

Players are provided up with Camouflage Ninja Suits and are kitted out with three different Laser Tag Guns and will play a variety of game types in a specially designed Forest Laser Tag arena. This is suitable for players age six and up.

I think this is a fantastic way to get out in to the fresh air and get some exercise at the same time , it’s so much better than being stuck indoors with a video game and you can still have the same effect / idea of what you are playing online so you are not missing out.

You can even go one step further and have a Laser Tag Party which sounds like the best fun!  The party packages include a two-hour session with 5-6 games which gives them plenty of time to have fun. Each person gets a 9 inch pizza hut pizza , a dip and a drink.

Everyone also gets a dog tag and also at the end of the session there is war face squad picture taken. The session includes 3 weapon options for everyone to try. Awesome ‘Fortnite’ themed Guns – Scoped Assault Rifles, Semi-Auto Sniper Rifles and Light Machine Guns all available.

As you can see there is plenty of fun to be had with loads of fresh air and freedom. To me this beats staying indoors with computers games hands down. You can’t ignore the fact that games like Fortnite are popular and the younger generation does want to play them. The thing I like about Laser Tag is that they can still do this but they can also be active at the same time. And I just love the idea of the parties as think it’s something different to try.

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