Traffic can be tricky wherever you go and there are going to be hard roads wherever you go. Scotland in particular has it’s challenges around the M74 and M8 roads. With the average speed of the M8 road being 29 mph in peak times.  It is vital that you have good quality safe tyres when driving around any roads in the UK. I was so surprised to learn that Aberdeen has worse traffic that London at peak times.
Here are my top tyre care tips and also points to look out for when buying them. 
Tips when buying tyres 
  • When buying new car tyres you need to know the size of tyre fitted to your car you can find this printed on the outside edge of the tyre
  • You need to choose a tyre with the correct speed rating
  • You need to ensure they have tyre labels which are similar to the labels you find on white goods
  • You need to know the exact tyre measurements
Tyre care tips 
  • Make sure your tyre inflation is at the correct pressure at all times
  • Don’t over spin and put so much pressure on your tyres
  • Check your tyres regularly even daily for wear and tear
  • Ensure that the inflation pressure is always at the recommended amount and not over inflated or under inflated
  • Make sure that when you choose tyres the load capacity is not less than what you need
  • Ensure that the tread depth is in line with recommended guidelines

As I mentioned before driving around Scotland can be particularly difficult. With the busy congested roads and all of the stopping at starting pressure on the tyres. The risk of more snow can also put the pressure on with tyre spinning too. If your tyres are not up t scratch this puts you at so much risk of skidding , crashes and tyres blowing out.

It’s important no matter what roads you are driving on that you always choose the right tyres and care for them. You can select tyres now in Scotland at Point S here. They will be happy to assist in the choosing and maintenance of your tyres.

It is always best policy to check your tyres daily if you can and especially when you are going on long road trips or difficult roads. How often do you check your tyres ? and is there anything you have learnt by reading this post ? I would love to know.


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