It is important to ensure that your car is looked after and safety checks are carried out on a regular basis. There are many things you can do at home to ensure that your car is running smoothly.

These include –

Carry out your own regular service on the car

It’s easy to carry out mini services on your car. If you can get your hands on a manual for your car this is even better as you can teach yourself. You can do things like changing the spark plugs , break pads and oil filters. Also topping up the oil in your car and water is so important to help the car run efficiency. It is so crucial to ensue you keep on top of this for the smooth running and safety of your car.

Maintain your cars battery 

There are many things you can do to maintain your cars battery. First of all you need to ensure you are checking the water levels , this needs to be done every 2/3 months. You can do this using distilled water only.

Clean the battery terminals –This can be done with a wire brush and it’s recommended  every 6 to 8 months. You can do this by removing the connectors from the battery terminal and using a wire brush mixed with baking soda and distilled water and gently scrub the terminals.

Coat the battery with grease made for high temperatures –  This will protect the battery from rust and corrosion.

Inspect cell voltage when you get an oil change – When you take your car to the mechanic they will have methods for testing your voltage. A fully charged battery will have a charge of 12.0 to 12.6 volts , this is what yours should ideally be.

Take your car for regular services and tune-ups- The best way to maintain your battery and your car is to have it serviced every 3,000 miles or 3 months, whichever comes sooner.
It is important to ensure that you are looking after the car and the battery to ensure that the car is running smoothly at all times. It’s always good to have a safe reliable garage to take you car to you. You can get your car batteries in Essex at Jet Wheel Tyres Essex branch. 
How often do you service your car ? Do you follow the given guidelines ? Have you ever thought about servicing your battery? I would love to hear your experiences.
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