We were excited to be invited to Monster Jam 2018 at the Principality stadium. James nearly fell of his chair when I told him we were going as he is a big fan but never seen the show live. The little ones were so excited , I was half and half if I’m 100 percent honest , I’ve never been in to Monster trucks neither did I know much about them.

So off we headed down to Cardiff , as we walked closer to the stadium the atmosphere was incredible. So many people with horns and flags , the little ones were loving it. We got to the stadium and the choice of merchandise was fab. There was also a huge selection of food and snacks on offer to buy including pizza and hot dogs.

We got to our seats and were so excited to have been given front row seats as the view was amazing ,but I think to be honest wherever you sat you would have a good view as the trucks were huge. The atmosphere in the stadium was incredible and it was so lovely to see so many families , there is no age limit when it comes to monster trucks.

Before the show started the lights dimmed and the laser show with music began , the little ones loves it and were dancing away. We were all getting in to the spirit.

So the 1st round started , friends who had been before warned me that it would be loud. I really didn’t fathom just how loud , we had bought ear defenders for the little ones but not ourselves. We did get used to it after a few rounds and it wasn’t too bad , maybe next year we will get some foam earplugs.

The races were incredible and the way the trucks roared around the track , the trucks were a amazing and so colorful. Archie’s favorite was Earth shaker and Frankie’s was the dragon which breathed actual flames.

The show had four parts to it – the knock out competition , the two wheel competition , the motocross bikes and then a free style competition. The motor cross bikes were incredible the way they flipped in the air and the stunts they did were breathtaking.

Overall the show was incredible and I ate my words about not really fancying it , I am now a huge fan!! The stunts and tricks were incredible and really did wow us , my two loved it when the trucks toppled over and bits came flying off. I wasn’t sure the little ones would last the whole show but they sure did and were sad to leave.

We will 100 percent be coming back next year , the monster trucks are back in May 2019. Keep an eye here for updates about next years show.

*We were given complimentary tickets to the Pit party and the show for 4 for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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