James was off today and we fancied something different for our adventures. I did a little research and came across Dare Valley Park in Aberdare.

We stopped off on the way and bought some lunch supplies for the camp stove. The ankle biters love hotdogs and beans on the stove. Anyone who likes to go forest exploring or mountain climbing a camp stove is such a good investment , there’s so much you can cook on it. We got ours from B&M for £9.99.

We arrived at Dare Valley Park and first stop were the toilets which were in the café cwtch. I think next time we will definitely try it out as it was so lovely in there and the food looked and smelt delicious.  There was also a little play park outside the café and a visitor centre in the courtyard.

We didn’t follow any route or trail for our walk we just went free rein. Whilst walking our chosen path we came across another play park which was huge with loads of fab equipment suitable for all ages. There was also a huge sandpit for the littles to play in.

We then got to the lake which was really impressive with loads of ducks to feed. Opposite the lake there was a mountain which you could climb to the top of. It wasn’t too much of a difficult one and there were benches at the top. We decided to set up camp here as there was so much open space for the ankle biters to run around and play without the worry. The views were amazing as it was surrounded by other mountains and the lake.

We had a lovely lunch on the camp stove and the littles had a play. In true Welsh fashion it then started to rain! We headed back down the mountain  , by the time we had got to the bottom it stopped raining. We chose a path and headed off to see what we could find. There was some lovely forestry and loads of mini waterfalls on the way which were beautiful. We all had fun exploring.

The path led us back to the play park and sandpit. The tots had a good 40 minute play in the sandpit until it really started to bucket down. We didn’t even make it to the play park but it looked amazing with loads to do. We will be back soon for a full day and make sure we see what the whole park has to offer.


The park has plenty of paths which would also make for a great bike ride. There is even a caravan area and campsite if you wanted to make it a little mini break. We will go back for another visit really soon.

Thoughts, Comments?

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