As you know we go on a lot of day trips which include forest and mountain exploring. It’s so important that the car has various safety checks before we head out. We drive on a lot of mountain roads and country lanes so it’s vital we have a car that is in safe working order.

One of the trips we regularly do is a trip up to the Blorenge Mountain near Abergavenny. There are so many gorgeous walks to go on and also the children love feeding the sheep. Most of the roads on the mountain are narrow not the smoothest so you really have to be prepared and have a safe and reliable car.

We like to do a full check of the car before every road trip , which includes things like –

  • Tyre tread depth
  • Make sure the windscreen wipers are in good working order , we also keep spares in the boot
  • Testing all the lights work
  • Pack emergency supplies
  • Ensue that the oil and water are filled up
  • Check the brake pads

I also like to be prepared for traffic jams and the possibility of something going wrong – I take these simple steps to ensure we are prepared.

  • Pack plenty of water
  • Pack snacks that do not need to be kept in the fridge
  • Pack some toys and things to keep the little ones entertained
  • Pack some blankets for everyone and extra layers of clothes
  • Always good to have a first aid kit and medicines in case anyone falls ill
  • Pack some basic tools and a shovel in case of snow
  • Always have a spare tyre

Slater Gordon Lawyers have come up with the great infographic to give advice on preparing the car for road trips and also gives some fab ideas for road trip destinations.

We are so excited for Spring / Summer walks and the sight of the rapeseed crops in the fields. I also love Rapeseed oil for cooking too.

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