The summer holidays are a great time to create family memories, spend some quality time with your kids and have fun. However, there’s no denying that keeping them occupied for six whole weeks is hard work. When kids have short attention spans and you have a limited budget, it can all turn a little sour without the right planning. So here are a few ideas for things you can do when you don’t have a lot to spend. 

Go to a city you’ve never been to

We’re lucky to have so many incredible cities here in the UK, and because our little isle isn’t particularly big, chances are you have at least a few within comfortable driving distance. It’s fun having a walk around, looking at the architecture and old buildings that make up this old places. You can go window shopping, visit museums and galleries and walk in city parks all without spending a penny. 

Drive to the countryside

Transport links to cities are excellent, meaning it’s easy to hop on a bus, coach or train and be taken right to the action. It’s not that easy to get to the countryside, really you need a car to be able to visit properly. Check out used car sales on a site like London Motor Company and see if you can purchase a vehicle within your budget. Not only is it useful for day to day errands, but it’s nice knowing you can hop in and go wherever you want. Drive down peaceful, winding country roads with the family, stopping off in gorgeous scenic spots to have a picnic, run through meadows and lie in the sunshine. 

Join your local communities Facebook groups

If there are groups for your local area on Facebook, it’s well worth joining them. You’ll get to hear about all kinds of smaller events and things going on that you might not have otherwise known about. From library sessions for kids to activities at your local community centre and sports centre, there’s often cheap and free things going on in the holidays that are worth checking out. 

Arrange some rainy day activities

No matter how many fun days out and things you have planned to do outdoors, the great British weather will probably have other ideas. At least some of the time, you’ll need to have things to do in the house, when it’s pouring with rain. Things like baking, crafts and movie days can all be done cheaply or free. If you’re feeling brave you could arrange your children’s friends to come over for the day or have a sleepover. It will help them to make memories and keep them occupied when they can’t go outside. Buy a pizza and some snacks from the supermarket and you’re good to go. 

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